PULP releases longer statement re cancelled TVXQ concert in Manila

Concert organizer and producer PULP Live World released a longer clarification and explanatory statement regarding the indefinitely postponed Manila concert of K-Pop group TVXQ.

On June 21, PULP announced that TVXQ! Concert #with in Manila scheduled on JUly 13 will no longer push through due to “technical difficulties.” The announcement came as a surprise, and many fans wished for a longer explanation on the sudden cancellation. Vernon Go, PULP Live World president, then released a statement late Saturday night. Here is the full statement as posted on Facebook:

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PULP has been in the music and entertainment business since the last quarter of 1999. Essentially, we have been around for twenty years. And over those twenty years, we have brought in numerous artists of varying scale from 20-30,000 capacity pax open ground events to intimate 800 capacity venues. Bottomline, the potential quantity of attendees does not determine whether or not we book an artist. From another perspective, we have continued with shows that were seriously undersold simply because we do not want to cancel ANY show. We have continued with shows in venues with 2,000 pax capacities with less than 100 tickets sold. Thankfully we have not had many shows like that! Obviously the financial repercussions of executing a show with a grievously low level of ticket sales or revenue will eventually result in the ruin of any business. But we have pushed forward in a number of these situations.

Since our company has engaged in the promotion of various KPOP artists, many of you know that our company’s main goal is to make things happen — no matter what. In the beginning, during our very first KPOP show promotion, few believed it was possible… there were even those that tried to publicly malign our promotion as fake and untrue. Obviously our history here bares out the truth.

The recent TVXQ! indefinite postponement was a mutual decision reached between all key parties involved with the production of the show. And the decision was based on a number of factors, not just one specific reason — factors that represent critical elements that are necessary to make the show successful in all technical and experiential aspects, so that it may be produced as it was intended to be — for the artists and for the fans.

If there was an acceptable way to continue the promotion, we would have done it. But unfortunately all the alternative scenarios that were thoroughly discussed were all declined.

This is a truly sad event. Our company is incredibly disappointed that various circumstances led to this decision. Happee in particular is the most distraught as she is the core of our KPOP promotion and the entire KPOP world beyond the Philippines knows this. She spent years negotiating to make this show happen and she was the happiest when the concert was approved, announced and put on sale. This is despite the fact that a number of our supporters were wary that it may not work, but she had faith. She believed it could happen.

Some people have said it would have been better not to try at all. We are just not that kind of people. We would rather take the risk. We believe that hope should spring eternal. We believe that dreams and ideals are worth fighting for. We shall not allow fear to stifle our dreams and those of any fan who continues to have dreams of hearing and seeing their heroes. But unfortunately without the threat of failure there is no risk. Victory is never a surety.

As promoters, we can never ‘just cancel’ a show on a whim or because we suddenly decide after entering into a mutually agreed contract that the investment has magically lost its merit. It doesn’t work that way. We enter into a firm agreement with an artist, and Happee in particular plunges in full throttle with all her heart with the single goal of making people happy — that’s what sets her apart in the KPOP world. Cancellation is never a fickle act in the promotions business, every key move is done after a mutual discussion between all parties involved, wherein the outcome always looks out for what will be best overall.

So we must retreat temporarily, until we find a more opportune time for this, hence the indefinite postponement. If we merely postpone, then refunds would not be allowed by the ticketing company. We definitely do not want your funds to be withheld longer than the ticketing company’s accounting department requires to make sure the proper amounts are returned to each and every purchaser.

We do apologise deeply to those that have felt grief. You are not alone.

— Vernon Go

Alternatively, you can view the statement on their Twitter page as well.

Reactions were divided on this issue. Some have been thanking Go for the longer statement, while others were left asking more questions. Nevertheless, it appears that the decision for the “indefinite postponement” is final.

TVXQ’s July 13 Manila concert was supposedly the group’s first ever concert in Manila since their debut in 2003.

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