Shawol café opens two-day SHINee World Academy

When Sincerely Shawols Caféthe specialty coffee shop for SHINee and their fans, SHINee Worldopened early this year, it promised to deliver special events to bond over the five-member Korean boy group. To fulfill that, the café held a two-day “academy” to learn (and re-learn) about everything SHINee.

Three of the members of SHINee might be serving in the military now, but there is no stopping their fans (also known as Shawols) from actively supporting them. Three months since its opening, Sincerely Shawols Café has hosted gatherings for Jonghyun‘s birthday and the group’s 11th year anniversary. For June, the resto accepted enrollees for the SHINee Academy to help “Babywols” (or new fans) “to get to know [SHINee] better, to really understand the group, and to bond with co-Shawols,” according to owner and SHINee fan Camille Pasao.

However, fans who started “stanning” from debut or halfway through SHINee’s career (nicknamed “Titawols” and “Grannywols”) also attended the mini school to “refresh their knowledge,” Pasao said.

“For sure, they will have few information that will be new to them [even though] they’ve started early in the fandom,” she noted.

A total of 47 attendees came all the way to the café’s location in Cavite from Metro Manila, Rizal, and even Ilocos Norte.

This is reminiscent of the “SHINee World Academy” VCR from SHINee World Concert IV in 2015. The clip showed SHINee attending the school while in disguise and learning about what it is like to become a Shawol.

Basically, the initial plan for June is a back-to-school event only. With little activities that can be done with that in mind, SHINee World Academy came [into] the picture,” Pasao explained.

First day of classes include general information about the group and its individual members, while the second day had the students learning about fanchants and even the basics of the Korean language.

Pasao recalled: “We all know [that] when fans or Filipinos gather together, it will be chaotic (in a fun way) and loud! The [students] really enjoyed the fanchant class–wherein, supposedly, we have to follow the fanchant handouts, but as the songs went [by], the students were just screaming their lungs out [whenever] they see their bias on the screentypical Filipino fans’ way of enjoying the show.”

A poster-making contest was also held, where the attendees illustrated who SHINee is to them. The winners got special prizes, and the art pieces have been put up for display at the café. A quiz tested the Shawols’ learning at the end of the session, and the top three students received rewards.

Sincerely Shawols Café has announced a celebration of maknae Taemin‘s birthday in July. Pasao said there would also be events in September for Key and in December for Onew and Minho. Time to prepare your wallets, I guess.

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