This Month’s Beat: Cosmic Girls

Just in time for summer, fresh bops are coming out. Joining into the mix is Cosmic Girls with their latest hit, Boogie Up!

Also known as WJSN, the girl group created by Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment is currently promoting with 10 members while the three Chinese members are busy with various activities back at their homeland.

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This is the third time the group released an album with three members absent for promotions. But even though Mei Qi, Cheng Xiao, and Xuan Yi are MIA for this special album, Cosmic Girls continue to kick some ass! For the Summer performed well, topping Hanteo charts shortly after release with more than 21,000 sales. For comparison, WJ Stay sold more than 7,600 copies on its first day in January this year. Boogie Up took over the second spot in Bugs and became number one in Melon real-time search.

While listening to their new album, let’s get to know more about the girls:


Birth name: Chu So-jung

Birthday: November 6, 1995

Position: Leader, main rapper

Unit: Sweet

  • Exy participated in lyric writing for about 40 of WJSN songs.
  • She appeared as a contestant in Unpretty Rapstar 2 but was unfortunately eliminated in episode 8.


Birth name: Kim Ji-yeon

Birthday: August 19, 1995

Position: Dancer, rapper, vocalist, visual

Unit: Wonder

  • Bona made her acting debut in the 2017 drama Hit the Top.
  • She trained under Cube Entertainment for six years before moving to Starship Entertainment.


Birth name: Son Ju-yeon

Birthday: May 27, 1998

Position: Vocalist, dancer

Unit: Joy

  • Eunseo appeared in Monsta X’s Rush MV.
  • She was one of the finalists of Happy Pledis 2011.


Birth name: Kim Hyun-jung

Birthday: December 24, 1994

Position: Lead vocalist

Unit: Sweet

  • SeolA’s earlier stage names are Junmi and SeolHa.
  • She participated in the project group WJMK with Luda and Weki Meki’s Doyeon and Yoojung in 2018.


Birth name: Park Soo-bin

Birthday: September 14, 1996

Position: Main vocalist

Unit: Sweet

  • Soobin was the first among the members to join Starship Entertainment.
  • She sang Slowly as OST for the drama The Undateables.


Birth name: Yu Yeon-jung

Birthday: August 3, 1999

Position: Main vocalist, center, maknae

Unit: Natural

  • Yeonjung ranked 11th in the first season of Produce 101 and promoted briefly as a member of I.O.I before joining WJSN in August 2016.
  • She made a cameo appearance in the Tvn drama A Korean Odyssey.


Birth name: Nam Da-won

Birthday: April 16, 1997

Position: Vocalist

Unit: Natural

  • Dawon appeared as a contestant in K-Pop Star 2 but did not make it to the second round of auditions.
  • She participated in the lyric writing and composition of WJSN’s song Ujung.


Birth name: Lee Lu-da

Birthday: March 6, 1997

Position: Vocalist

Unit: Natural

  • Luda was supposed to debut with GFriend.
  • She appeared in the Korean variety show Dunia: Into a New World and even sang its OST, Dreamland.


Birth name: Lee Jin-sook

Birthday: January 10, 1999

Position: Vocalist, rapper

Unit: Joy

  • Yeoreum was a private trainee at Starship Entertainment before her debut.
  • She was raised by her grandparents.


Birth name: Im Da-young

Birthday: May 14, 1999

Position: Vocalist

Unit: Wonder

  • Dayong appeared as a contestant in K-Pop Star 1 but was eliminated in the third round
  • She appeared in the movie Like A French Film.

Xuan Yi

Birth name: Wu Xuan Yi

Birthday: January 26, 1995

Position: Dancer, singer

Unit: Joy

  • Xuan Yi participated in the Chinese version of Produce 101 where she ranked second and is now promoting as a member of Rocket Girls 101.
  • She would have played the lead role in the Chinese movie Marna, but it has been cancelled due to mature themes involved in film.

Cheng Xiao

Birth name: Cheng Xiao / Jung Seong-so

Birthday: July 15, 1998

Position: Dancer, vocalist

Unit: Wonder

  • Cheng Xiao plays the guzheng, a Chinese string instrument.
  • She appeared as a dance mentor in the Chinese survival show Idol Producer along with PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung.

Mei Qi

Birth name: Meng Mei Qi / Maeng Mi-gi

Birthday: October 15, 1998

Position: Dancer, vocalist

Unit: Natural

  • Mei Qi topped the Chinese version of Produce 101 and is also currently promoting as a member of Rocket Girls 101.
  • She began training at age 15.

Check out their refreshing summer music video below!

Who is your WJSN bias? Let us know in the comments!

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