We tried PH’s version of Inkigayo’s Sandwich

Inkigayo is famous for two things: its music show and its sandwiches.

You’ve probably seen your idol posting a selfie of them holding up a sandwich after Inkigayo. Yes, it’s that sandwich.

SEVENTEEN Inkigayo Sandwich

Sunmi Inkigayo Sandwich

Chungha Inkigayo Sandwich

The sandwich also became pretty notorious when an idol revealed on a variety show that idols use these sandwiches to swap numbers with idols they want to date. A strange way to ask someone out on a date, but maybe it works.

Much to our surprise, the Inkigayo Sandwich made its way to Philippine shores. The pop-up store first emerged in Eastwood Mall and has now stopped over at Robinson’s Place Manila until July 7. (Update: The sandwich is now available for order on Grab Food!)

Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to give the sandwich a try.

An unlikely combination

Unlike the pop-up truck in Eastwood, the Inkigayo Sandwich stall is located inside the mall. Several people are in line on a large, bright booth, with one area serving as the cashier while the larger portion is where people can see how the sandwiches are being made.

Inkigayo Sandwich Robinsons Manila

As you line up, you’ll also see the anatomy of the Inkigayo sandwich, which has the same ingredients like the one in SBS’ cafeteria–cornbread, egg and crab mayo, coleslaw, and strawberry jam in the middle.

Yes, strawberry jam.

Inkigayo Sandwich Philippines

The thought of that strawberry jam in between mayo and coleslaw already has me nervous about my visit to the pop-up store. I’m one of the many people who have sensitive stomachs, and eating the Inkigayo sandwich could either encourage me to come back for more, or head straight to the bathroom.

I ended up buying sandwiches, anyway.

The verdict?

Inkigayo Sandwich

It’s actually good.

There’s no way I can compare how different the taste is from the actual Inkigayo sandwich, but what I can say is that it’s passable and, most importantly, edible.

It doesn’t have a mind-blowing taste. The strawberry jam works surprisingly well with the egg and crab mayonnaise, though I would have preferred the coleslaw out of the mix.

Inkigayo Sandwich

The price of one sandwich is P129, which is pricey. I felt like it would have been more worth the price if it was P79 to P100.

Despite the letdown on the price, the Filipino take on Inkigayo’s famous sandwich is a must-try for the curious, whether you’re wondering about the taste or you just want to experience what it’s like eating what your idols eat. 

Unfortunately, though, no idols’ numbers were found inside the sandwich.

Photos by the writer 

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