Who’s Who at #KWMF2019: Red Velvet

K-Pop World Music Festival is coming to Manila in one week, and they’ll be bringing some familiar faces! The event will be on June 9, 2019 at the Mall of Asia Arena with Red VelvetNCT 127ELRISSohee of ELRIS, and Kim Donghan.

As we approach D-Day, let us get to know the girl group that will complete the amazing line-up: Red Velvet!


Initially composed of Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy, the group debuted on August 1, 2014 with digital single Happiness. The song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard charts. The debut was immediately followed by the release of their own rendition of Be Natural, originally performed by their senior S.E.S. NCT’s Taeyong performed the rap part of the song. Like their first single, Be Natural entered the Billboard charts and peaked at No. 6.

2015 saw the inclusion of Yeri in the group and the release of their 1st mini album, Ice Cream Cake. Since then, the group has been very much active in both their group and individual activities and has been consistently winning awards, including Best Pop Song at 2019 Korean Music Awards and a Bonsang Award at 2018 Seoul Music Awards.

What makes the group unique is their dual concept: “red” and “velvet”, with “red” showing the group’s bubbly side and songs that will make you dance around while the “velvet” concept represents their sophisticated and mature side, with songs mainly of the R&B genre. But some of their songs may be classified as both red and velvet and their albums contain songs from both concepts, showing their versatility.

It will be Red Velvet’s second time to visit our country and while we’re excited for the live performance of their title tracks, we couldn’t help but wish that we also see them perform a B-side track or two. Here, we list 5 songs that we think can be part of their setlist for the concert.

Hit That Drum

This song can be a great introduction to the group’s performance. Its festive and energetic beat will definitely hype up the crowd.

Kingdom Come

From their second album Perfect Velvet, Kingdom Come is a departure from their usual sound and showcased their growth as artists. It would be great if the girls perform this as we’ll get to hear and see a different side of them.


While this may not be a dance song, Fool can also be a good addition. Who would not fall for Red Velvet after hearing this song and seeing Wendy play the acoustic guitar?


They have already performed Candy during the Best of Best concert back in 2015 but it won’t hurt if this ballad is included in their setlist once more. The audience may wave their lightsticks and even sing along.

Little Little

To end their performance, Red Velvet can serenade the audience with this song. But they don’t need to ask for a little love because they can easily capture anyone with their beauty and unique charms.


Do you have any other Red Velvet b-side tracks in mind that you want to hear live? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch Red Velvet at the K-Pop World Music Festival, happening on June 9 at the Mall of Asia Arena. The event is brought to you by DnM Entertainment and All Access Production. Tickets are available in all SM Ticket outlets.

Featured photo by Mish Umali

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