2 Philippine languages featured in K-Drama “Arthdal Chronicles”

Two Philippine languages—Tausug and Yakan—are featured in fantasy and romance K-Drama series Arthdal Chronicles.

In Episode 9 of the newly aired K-Drama, Filipino viewers were quick to notice familiar words. A character from the Wabi Tribe said, “Kaunahan tara isa kuma-on. Iban binug-tubig.” Teodae (Yang Kyungwon) from the Wahan Tribe then translated it and said that the Wabi character was asking for food and water to drink.

Turns out, the said character was Filipino! He is Nash Ang, a Filipino filmmaker who studied in Korea National University and directed and wrote the Korea-Filipino 2014 film “Seoul Mates.” Ang even confirmed on his Facebook account that the language heard in the episode was indeed Tausug.

Ang said that the production team asked him to translate some of the lines into indigenous languages of the Philippines. His family came from Mindanao and they spoke Tausug and Yakan. Some of the actors, therefore, would speak Yakan in the series. Yakan is a native language of Basilan while Tausug is a language of Sulu although it is also spoken in some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Arthdral Chronicles stars Song Joongki, Jang Donggun, Kim Jiwon, and Kim Okvin.

It’s really interesting to see Filipino influences in K-Drama! Were you one of those viewers who noticed the language in the series? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section!

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