Anne Curtis gets a sweet reply from Park Bogum on Twitter

A reply is better late than never–especially if it’s from Park Bogum!

Filipino actress and celebrity Anne Curtis received a reply from Korean superstar Park Bogum after she posted a photo of her posing with a Bogum standee in Korea.

In her tweet, she said “Look who I bumped into Seoul! Annyeong @BOGUMMY” to which Park Bogum responded a day later, saying “Sorry for my late response! When did you come to Korea? Having a good time here? I’m shooting a movie these days. Though the weather’s too hot, I hope you can fully enjoy the time while staying in Korea! Thank you for saying hi to me :).”

The adorable and sweet exchange immediately went viral, with Anne Curtis even making into the top trending topics on Twitter.

How to be Ate Anne po.

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