Juan Miguel Severo falls into the K-Pop black hole, thanks to ASTRO!

Spoken word artist, actor, and writer Juan Miguel Severo has fallen into the K-Pop blackhole and the artist that he fancies liking? ASTRO.

In a tweet, Severo said that he has been trying to avoid the K-Pop black hole but his friend, fellow writer Michelle Manese, “forced” him to give it a try and now there he was, taking a liking to one of ASTRO’s members, Cha Eunwoo! He even posted a GIF of Eunwoo with the caption “NASAAN ANG HUSTISYA” (WHERE IS JUSTICE).

We aren’t sure if Severo managed to “escape” ASTRO (or Eunwoo, at least) since the above are his only ASTRO-related tweets so far but then, we K-Pop fans know that everything starts with knowing a member’s name, right? And who can even resist Eunwoo when he’s obviously one of the most charming K-Pop idols and actors of this generation?

We only have four words for Severo: Good luck and enjoy!

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