Need motivation? Here are K-Pop songs to help you get through the week

Music is one of people’s ways of getting a daily dose of motivation. Whenever we’re anticipating a dreadful week ahead or when we just need energy and determination, music allows us to keep our chin up and tackle what’s ahead of us head-on.

K-Pop, with is upbeat and catchy tunes, has a wide range of songs that motivate you to persevere. Check out the playlist we made to help you get through whatever you’re going through!

Run (feat. BOM) – Epik High

Despite the hardships you’re enduring, there’s no way to go but up. The song also tells you that no matter how many people have put you down, you’ll come out stronger.

Can’t Nobody – 2NE1

Uncertainty is no reason to get stuck. Just keep moving forward.

I (feat. Verbal Jint) – Taeyeon

Working hard but getting no recognition for it? It’s okay. It’s only a matter of time before everyone sees you becoming the person you want to be.

Power – EXO

You have that power within you, so step up and face your fears. No wonder this was performed by EXO at the closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

La Vie en Rose – IZ*ONE

The title literally translates to “Life in rosy hues” or, if we take inspiration from the Edith Piaf song of the same name “Life seen through happy lenses.” The IZ*ONE song gives basically the same message: Find a source of joy wherever you go.

Butterfly – LOONA

When you have the courage, you can fly and reach your dreams. The song is further accentuated with its music video, which shows women of different colors and body types.

Bon Bon Chocolat – Everglow

The song expresses the group’s excitement for their debut. The week ahead may seem daunting, but it helps to think about the good things ahead.

Superhuman – NCT 127

NCT 127’s latest song reminds us that, to quote Johnny, “I’m superhuman, you’re superhuman, we’re superhuman.” The song encourages you to find the potential in you and go beyond what’s limiting you.

Run Away – Teen Top

Teen Top tells its listeners that despite being stuck in dark times, you’ll find it within yourself to run toward your goals.

Dream Glow (feat. Charli XCX) – BTS

BTS has composed countless motivational songs, their most recent one being for the OST of BTS World. Basically, “Dream Glow” tells you to follow your dreams and not to be outshone by your hesitations and insecurities.


What’s your go-to K-Pop motivational song? Let us know in the comments!

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