7 Facts You Should Know About Jay Park

Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park is returning to Manila in September for a one-night concert! And if you’re new to him and you are interested in meeting one of the most legendary K-Hiphop artists of all time, fret not because we got you covered. Here are seven great things you need to know about Jay Park!

1) He began his K-Pop career as a member of a JYP boy group.

We’re going back to origins, but yes. Jay Park used to be a JYP artist! He was a former member of 2PM where he initially rose to fame. Then known as “Jaebeom,” following his real name, he served as the group’s leader from their debut in 2008 until 2010 when he finally left the group.

2) Jay Park has been to the Philippines—a lot of times.

Jay Park’s upcoming concert this September is not his first. In fact, he has been to the Philippines a lot of times. his 2010 fan meet, the 2011 MTV Exit Live performance also in Manila, the 2012 “New Breed” promo tour, and the 2017 special performance for a K-Beauty event. He definitely has had a lot of fond memories in the country!

3) He built his own music label.

Jay Park founded the South Korean hip hop record label AOMG in 2013 and currently serves as the CEO of the company. Under this label are artists Loco, Gray, Simon Dominic, Elo, Hoody, Ugly Duck, and Cha Cha Malone, among many others. Aside from AOMG, Jay Park also founded H1ghr Music together with Cha Cha Malone.

4) He was one of the judges for Asia’s Got Talent.

If you’re new to him and you think his name rings a bell, that’s probably because you’ve heard and seen of him in the last two seasons of Asia’s Got Talent! He joined Indonesian artist Anggun and veteran musician David Foster as one of the three judges.

5) He just released a new album last month!

Called “The Road Less Traveled,” this is Jay Park’s fifth studio album. You can check it out here, or you can watch its two title tracks, “Feng Shui” and “Ben Baller.”

6) He is a skilled b-boy dancer.

Before debuting with 2PM, Jay Park started as a b-boy dancer and was one of the first members of the Seattle-based crew Art of Movement, which inspired the name of his label AOMG. Check out his moves here!


7) He was a regular in Korean variety shows.

Since his comeback in Korea in 2011, Jay Park became a regular in numerous variety shows. He appeared as a guest in Immortal Song and Star King. He has also become a regular panel in Come to Play, a dance master for Dancing9, and a judge on Show Me the Money. He also took part in a few episodes of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 21.

He’s best known, though, for his appearances on Saturday Night Live Korea, both as a host, for his skits, and his parody music videos. Watch one of his skits here:


These are just some of the things to know about Jay Park so make sure you don’t miss his “Sexy 4Eva” World Tour in Manila on September 22 at the New Frontier Theater!

Jay Park “Sexy 4Eva” World Tour in Manila is organized by Onion Production. For more information, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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