The Boyz successfully completes 1st Asian tour in Manila

Photos by Julienne Velasco

The Boyz have successfully wrapped up The Castle Asian Fan Concert Tour with Manila as their final stop!

The 12-piece boy group from Cre.Ker Entertainment interacted joyfully with TheBs who flocked to New Frontier Theatre last June 30 for the event, armed with their lightsticks and slogans.

The Boyz opened the show with their debut track “Boy” and followed it immediately with “Right Here.” Of course, a Manila stop won’t be complete without the members showing off some of the Filipino terms their learned, with Jacob even saying “Petmalu!” to the amusement of the fans.

The Boyz in Manila

They also played Whisper Challenge with a twist: by guessing Philippine-related keywords! The team of Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, and Sunwoo won after correctly answering halo-halo and Palawan despite the loud music in their headphones and the ecstatic cheering from the audience.

It was a heart-warming moment when The Boyz sang a bit of the classic hit “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko” with Filipino TheBs.

The show continued with cover performances of EXO’s Call Me Baby and Twice’s Cheer Up. In between sets, the VCR of The Boyz’s version of the popular drama Sky Castle played, where the members displayed some of their acting prowess.

The Boyz impressed the fans even more with live performances of their other songs “No Air,” “KeePer,” “Giddy Up,” “I’m Your Boy,” and more!

At one point, The Boyz taught TheBs how to dance to “Bloom Bloom,” their latest title track which also got them their first music show win. The members expressed their gratitude to the fans, noting how it was through their efforts that The Boyz won the trophy.

Leader Sangyeon and member Hwall recalled their brief time living in the Philippines, saying it made their Asian tour’s final leg all the more special.

The Boyz in Manila

Just as The Boyz prepared for the tour, the local fanclub did not miss the chance to surprise the members with a special video which traced the boy group’s journey from pre-debut up to their first success of winning first place.

TheBs eagerly chanted “Saranghae!” to the members, to which The Boyz replied with “Mahal kita!”

The fan concert ended with “Clover” and a promise to return to Manila for another show.

Which is your favorite moment from The Castle? Special thanks to Three Angles Production for a chance to cover this event!

Check out the rest of the photos from the fan-con below.

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