WATCH: Korean busker hits Aegis’ “Sayang na Sayang” like it’s his!

Filipinos love Aegis‘ songs. They may now be considered a 90’s thing but their songs remain a staple in almost all singing contests and karaoke bars–even if many of us admittedly couldn’t hit their immensely high notes.

But this Korean busker is definitely an exception.

YouTube channel Daily Busking filmed Kwon Min-je busking in Yeouido, South Korea. Kwon said that a Filipino tourist asked him if he can sing a Filipino song for them. And guess what he picked: Aegis’ “Sayang na Sayang“! And boy did he not disappoint. He belted those notes like it was his own song! Words are not enough to describe so watch the video below and be amazed:

Turns out, Kwon used to be part of the popular Korean music game show “I Can See Your Voice” which explains his skills. He also has his own YouTube channel where he posts many of his covers including Yeng Constantino’s “Ikaw” which he just recently posted!

What do you think of his cover? Was it satisfying to watch? Let us know in the comments section!


We would like to thank Daily Busking for allowing us to use their video.

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