3 Reasons to Watch NOIR’s The Ninth Fan Meeting in Manila

They’ve been to the Philippines twice, and this is the second time that they will be holding a fan meeting in the country.

Nine-member group NOIR is coming to Manila on August 10 for their The Ninth Fan Meeting, which will be on the Grand Plaza Ballroom of Sofitel Philippine Plaza.

Not yet convinced about seeing them? We at KStreetManila break down five reasons why you should buy that ticket now.


1 | A variety of performances

Initially debuted to suit a dark and sexy concept, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that NOIR’s discography hosts a variety of genres—ballad, hip-hop, and R&B. In particular, expect NOIR to perform the latest hits from their new album Abyss, which contains their latest single “Doom Doom.”

We’ve seen also them perform to BTS songs, but what’s in store on August 10? Whatever it is, we’re sure it’s going to be amazing.

2 | Special segments

A fan meeting is never complete without special segments, whether it’s games to get to know the boys more, or ments where the boys laugh along and show their love. Maybe they’ll speak a bit of Tagalog?

Watch their antics on their latest appearance on After School Club:

3 | The perks!

Not sure which seat to take? Good news! Each section entitles you to a hi-touch pass where you can spend a few memorable seconds with all the members. SVIP ticketholders also get a chance to get an additional perk—entry to the soundcheck, entry to the fan signing, or a group photo. That means more interactions with NOIR!


Excited to see NOIR? Tickets are still available is at Ticket2Me!

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