4 Reasons Why “One Spring Night” is a Must-Watch Drama

Written by Hart Ang

Spring has long passed, but it does not mean that the season’s dramas are not worth watching. If you are in the market for a melodrama that is relatively fresh and full of feels, consider picking up “One Spring Night,” which stars the wonderfully talented Han Ji Min and the perfect boy-next-door, Jung Hae In!

Still not convinced to watch by this power couple? You would be surprised by the reasons why this was one of the best dramas of the season!

1 | There’s a strong foundation there.

One Spring Night

The PD-writer tandem of Ahn Pan Seok and Kim Eun must have been pleasantly surprised with the praises showered on last year’s “Somewhere in the Rain.” Good thing, though, as it was enough reason to wind it back for a new series!

Of course, they had to bring back their breakout leading man Hae In, whose innocent charms and bright charisma stole thousands of charms in his past few dramas! This time, he plays Yoo Ji Ho, a pharmacist with a heartwarming nature, yet is weighed down by an incident in his past. He sees and is smitten by (yes, a K-Drama trope!) Ji Min’s Lee Jeong In, a librarian with a strong and straightforward personality.

One Spring Night

What complicates matters more is that Jeong In is actually in a long-term relationship with Kwon Gi Seok (played by Kim Jun Han), a sunbae of Ji Ho’s at university. To stir the pot more on this showdown for Jeong In’s heart, Jeong In’s and Gi Seok’s fathers work together in the same school!

If these intriguing plot points have made you excited for how things will pan out, then you picked the right series to binge-watch.

2 | Girls stick together.

One Spring Night

Just like its meta-prequel, “One Spring Night” continues the trend of strong female characters who are more than just love interests or funny sidekicks. The ladies here are all well-rounded and act upon their intuition and experiences.

One Spring Night

Jeong In has to balance her desire for a future she could call her own with the constant prodding of Gi Seok, with some unwelcome help from her father, on setting a wedding date. To make things worse, Gi Seok’s father seems to be aloof and distant with her, making her feel that she is not good enough for his son. In spite of these obstacles, she is aware of her situation and makes the most of her goal: to find her own happiness.

Girls of all ages and temperaments can learn a thing or two from these leading women. Jeong In’s unnie Seo Jin (Lim Seong Eon) is an accomplished TV reporter tackling her own domestic issues. Fiesty maknae Jae In (Joo Min Kyung) returned from her studies in Paris, bored by the path set for her but determined to find her own way. The matriarch of the family, Hyeong Seon (portrayed by everyone’s mother, Gil Hae Yeon), isn’t very different from her daughters, shielding them against their father, Lee Tae Hak (Song Seung Hwan), who seems to be always one or two steps behind everybody else.

One Spring Night

It was great to see how the arcs of the Lee ladies intertwined together, and the times they shared on-screen was a good reminder of the strength we can draw from our loved ones in times of crisis.

3 | The feelings may fade, but the memories last.

One Spring Night

Every interaction between Ji Ho, Jeong In, and Gi Seok helped in driving the story forward—its these constant games of push-and-pull that drive the actions of the other character, like cogs in a well-oiled machine. Yes, they are the love triangle people came to watch, yet it is equally entertaining to see how the other characters react in relation to their leads’ thoughts and actions.

One Spring Night

People who appreciate realistic stories and dissecting character motivations will love the amount of theorizing they can do. The first few episodes may be a slow burn, but these kinds of dramas reward patient and devoted viewers. It makes anticipating the next episode even more exciting! And let us not forget the sizzling chemistry between Ji Ho and Jeong In. Let’s just say that some of their moments were really swoon-worthy and unforgettable!

4 | A tale for all seasons

One Spring Night

Props have to be given to all the people who worked behind the camera to maintain the show’s high production value. Every scene was shot with extreme care, and there were no wasted scenes or throwaway lines. It is so refreshing to see a PD and his camera director work so closely together to visualize pages of a script into a well-shot and edited production. Film students can take notes and enjoy this fun master class.

Nineties’-inspired pop-rock tracks, care of the returning singer Rachael Yamagata, fill the short but uplifting soundtrack. If you were a fan of last year’s noona-drama, you would be happy to know that her signature husky voice and guitar riffs still provide that nostalgic, romantic feeling.

One Spring Night

In the end, it is Jeong In and Ji Ho’s paths crossing each other that will ultimately lead us to watch how their relationship unfolds. And because I promised not to spoil anything, you might as well start watching and hitch a ride on this beautiful, wonderful ‘ship!


There are many more reasons to explain why this love story deserves a spot in your must-watch list. But as with any drama with this much hype and star power (come on, guys, who wouldn’t want to see Hae In try to win Ji Min’s heart?), finishing the first episode is the next best step! You can watch all 16 episodes of “One Spring Night” on Netflix.

And while you are enjoying every moment you have with him on your screens, do not miss out on seeing Jung Hae In himself at his One Summer Night Fan Meeting on September 28 at the New Frontier Theater! Grab your tickets now at your nearest TicketNet outlet or through their website.

Jung Hae In’s One Summer Night Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by Wilbros Live.

Hart Ang is a marketing associate and writer in Mandaluyong.

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