5 Reasons to Watch NU’EST Segno in Manila

Are you ready to fall in L.O.Λ.E with NU’EST on August 31?

If you are still thinking about purchasing a ticket to Segno in Manila, here are the reasons you come and watch this incredibly talented group:

It is the first time NU’EST will be coming to the Philippines.

Except for Hwang Minhyun who came to the Philippines as part of Wanna One, it is the group’s first time to visit the Philippines! In an interview on Arirang Radio three years ago, a fan from the Philippines (from 22:10 to 22:35) expressed her love for the group and her wish for them to come to the Philippines. Aron mentioned that at that point, they haven’t been to the Philippines, but if given the opportunity, they would absolutely love to.

Who would have thought that three years later, the group will finally be coming to our country?

They will be performing as five.

Having gained a massive following after Produce 101 Season 2 (except for Aron who didn’t participate because of an injury), Ren, JR, Baekho, and Aron formed a sub-unit called NU’EST W. The “W” in the group’s name sweetly meant “Waiting for Minhyun” as Minhyun was busy being a member of the project group, Wanna One. With the sudden rise of popularity, NUEST W released three extended plays (W, Here, Who You, and Wake;N) and was able to take home numerous awards, including their first music show win (for Where You At). The win was especially significant, as it was the members’ first time to have a music show win after five years in the industry.

When Minhyun’s contract as an exclusive Wanna One member ended, NU’EST finally returned as five with “Bet Bet”, the lead single from their sixth extended play, “Happily Ever After”.

Fans who have been with NU’EST since their debut knew very well of the group’s journey. With a friendship that spans for 10 years, it will be a beautiful moment to witness all five members performing together on stage.

(NU’EST was KStreetManila’s This Month’s Beat in August two years ago! Read more about them here.)

Their solo stages are worth the anticipation!

With a group composed of highly talented individuals, each of them penned a solo song unique to their persona and musical style. The solo songs of Baekho, Ren and Aron can be heard from their W,Here album, JR’s from the Wake,N album, while Minhyun’s from their Happily Ever After album.

If you haven’t listened to them, maybe it’s time to warm up your ears in anticipation for performances in Segno in Manila!

They will be performing hits from the past

Can you believe that NU’EST has been in the K-Pop industry for seven years already? Their average age when they debuted was only 18.5 years old!

With years of experience and music under their belt, we are excited to hear many of their past releases, such as Face, Action, Love Paint, and Overcome, be performed live!

You will get to meet your fellow Filipino L.O.Λ.Es!

Based on personal experience, Filipino L.O.Λ.Es are among the warmest and most accommodating fans. Whether you have been a fan of the group since their debut or only recently, Filipino L.O.Λ.Es will surely welcome you to the family.


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