5 Things That Will Surprise You about Cha Eunwoo

He’s good looking, he’s a good singer, and he can make your heart beat crazy with his smile! But apart from his roles as Do Kyungseok in “Gangnam Beauty” and one of the vocalists of 6-member idol group, Astro, there are much more about Cha Eunwoo you’ll be startled with. Here are some of them:

Eunwoo stayed in the Philippines pre-debut!

It has been confirmed that Eunwoo did stay in the Philippines for a short while! In a fansign, he admitted that he spent some time in Tagaytay to learn English, although he didn’t mention for how long. When Astro came to the Philippines, Eunwoo mentioned that he loved and missed Jollibee’s Chickenjoy.

His real name is Lee Dongmin.

Before he was known as Cha Eunwoo, he used to promote with his real name, Lee Dongmin. They performed in different events and their company, Fantagio, named the trainee group as i-Teen. He started using “Cha Eunwoo” when he debuted in Astro.

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The first thing he would do when he woke up every morning was to check up on his roommate Moon Bin.

Eunwoo introduced himself as “Morning Call,” with his duty of waking up his members everyday. But did you know that when Eunwoo and Moon Bin were roommates, the first thing Eunwoo would do when he woke up was to check up on Bin? Eunwoo claimed that Bin is a deep sleeper that he just wanted to make sure that Bin is still breathing. That’s cute friendship right there!

He loves to mess around with his members, especially Astro’s maknae, Yoon Sanha.

A lot of K-Drama fans would probably associate Eunwoo with the quiet and brooding type. On the contrary, Eunwoo is actually very playful especially with his Astro members. He likes joking around with them. He even loves picking on their maknae, Sanha. Take some time to watch their Astro Ddoca videos to see this playful side of him!

Eunwoo is a real softie.

It’s no surprise that Eunwoo has caught the public’s eyes with his astonishingly good looks, creating opportunities for him as compared to the other Astro members. In a reality show, Eunwoo became emotional talking about how he felt like he was a burden to the group, but he knew that with his individual promotions, he’ll open doors for the other members. Astro members have also repeatedly told him that they never saw him as a burden, with leader Jinjin saying that he felt bad that Eunwoo had to feel that way. Likewise, Bin even shed tears during their concert because Eunwoo still felt that way.


These are just five things about Eunwoo that new fans, or even those who have missed out during his early debut years, should know. But if you want to know a lot more about Eunwoo, make sure you don’t miss his “Just One 10 Minute” Fan Meeting in Manila at the New Frontier Theater on October 26! Tickets are available at Ticketnet outlets and online.

Cha Eunwoo’s “Just One 10 Minute” Fan Meeting in Manila is presented by Wilbros Live.


Aya Ople
Aya is a self-proclaimed funny person (she is). She also writes for a living and translates whenever the need calls. Aya also believes in the saying “if you’re in a bad situation today, the next one will be good for sure.”

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