A Song For You: Your NU’EST Segno in Manila Playlist for Every Mood

We are days away from NU’EST Segno in Manila, and we at KStreetManila are just as excited as you are!

Having been in the K-Pop scene for seven years already, NU’EST has experimented with various concepts — from the rebellious schoolboy concept of their debut single, “FACE”, to becoming sexy knights in “Overcome” and “BET BET”. They have traversed across musical genres, proving the members’ versatility and growth as artists.

With such an abundant discography, we have compiled a list of NU’EST songs suitable for your every mood and activity!

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A Song For You during Your Spinning Class

KStreetManila recommends: FACE

Back in 2012, NU’EST made a monumental debut with FACE, which put a spotlight on bullying and violence in schools. With low-cut saw synths in the verses leading to anthemic rave synths in the chorus, FACE is a perfect dynamic track to blast in your spinning classes.

Other Recommendations: Hello Hello (from “Hello” – The 2nd Mini-Album), 잠꼬대 (Sleep Talking) (from “잠꼬대 (Sleep Talking)” – The 3rd Mini-Album), CLIMAX (from “Re:BIRTH” – The 1st Album)

A Song For You who is “Emo” Because of the Rain

KStreetManila recommends: Hello (여보세요)

It’s the rainy season again in the Philippines, and there are definitely times when the rain just dampens our spirits. NU’EST’s Hello talks about the sorrow of missing someone from a former relationship, and doesn’t the rain make us feel the same as well?

Other Recommendations: 조금 더 사랑할게 (Love You More) (from “잠꼬대 (Sleep Talking)” – The 3rd Mini-Album), 있다면 (If You) (NU’EST W), A Song for You

A Song for You when You Need a Mood Booster

KStreetManila recommends: 예뻐 (Pretty) (feat. Yoo Ara of Hello Venus)

Feeling down? NU’EST has a lot of songs that are surely mood-boosters, like this song,예뻐 (Pretty). While the song revolves around the theme of attraction, the fact that someone sees you as pretty can definitely put a smile on your face.

Other Recommendations: Introduce Me to Your Noona (from “Hello” – The 2nd Mini-Album), Fine Girl (from “Sleep Talking” – The 3rd Mini-Album)

A Song for You while Working or Studying

KStreetManila recommends: VVITH (사실 말야)

Whether you are studying for a big test tomorrow or preparing a report for submission the next day, NU’EST definitely has a song that you can keep in the background.

Other Recommendations: 어깨빌려 (Give Me a Shoulder) (from “Re:BIRTH” – The 1st Album), I’m Bad, Deja Vu 

A Song for You while You are Enjoying Your Cup of Coffee

KStreetManila recommends: Daybreak (Minhyun & JR)

The rich aroma of coffee and NU’EST’s beautiful voices — no pairing can get any better than this.

Other Recommendations: 사랑 없는 사랑 (Love without Love) (from “Re:BIRTH” – The 1st Album), Talk about Love and Segno (from “Happily Ever After” – The 6th Mini-Album)

A Song for You if You Sing Your Heart in a Karaoke with Friends

KStreetManila recommends: 여왕의 기사 (OVERCOME)

Cap off a stressful week with a night of karaoke with friends. Whether or not there is alcohol involved, feel free to belt it out ala Baekho! Who knows, you might even score a hundred.

Other Recommendations: BET BET (from “Happily Ever After” – The 6th Mini-Album), Love Paint (every afternoon) (from “Canvas” – The 5th Mini-Album)

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What NU’EST songs do you listen to when you are in a particular mood? Share it with us through the comments!

NU’EST Segno in Manila will be happening on August 31, 2019 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are still on sale at all TicketNet outlets nationwide and online.  NU’EST Segno in Manila is brought to you by PULP Live World and Pledis Entertainment