#EXplOrationInManila Concert Review Part 1: Finding the Ultimate EXO-L

Photos by Richard Tabigue

Filipino EXO-Ls experienced what was probably the time of their lives with a two-day concert with EXO

Originally planned as a one-day show, PULP Live World accommodated vehement requests from fans for another day to EXplOration in Manila after the tickets were immediately sold out hours after the ticket selling opened. Even with three members absent for this tour─with Xiumin and D.O. currently serving in the military and Lay going on a separate concert tour─there’s no denying EXO has that power over the local K-Pop community!

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The Ultimate EXO-L

KStreetManila was lucky to be invited to take part in Globe’s Ultimate Stan experience. Globe searched for the “Ultimate Stan.” Fifteen lucky fans who joined the K-mmunity PH Facebook group, a collaboration between Globe and Happee Hour, were declared as Ultimate Stans. 

Globe also issued six different challenges that corresponded with the powers of the EXO members who came for the Manila concert. Fans had to create a meme to make fellow EXO-L laugh, as Chen’s power is Lightning. Others opted to take Suho’s Water challenge and show off their best OOTD. Meanwhile, other fans preferred to do the Wind challenge which was to recreate Sehun’s photoshoots ala EXO-L selca day. Chanyeol’s Fire challenge required the fans to rap to his lines from EXO’s hit song “Growl.” Meanwhile, vocalists took on Baekhyun’s Light challenge by singing the acapella part in “Tempo.” Finally, dancers flexed their skills by taking on Kai’s Teleportation challenge and danced to “Love Shot.” 

The lucky winners all got VIP tickets, a K-mmunity studio tour, an exclusive loot bag, and early access to the venue.

Fans of the vlog AC’s Life were in for a treat as vlogger AC Soriano served as the tour guide for the K-mmunity PH Exclusive Tour. The first stop for the tour were the Globe Prepaid and Globe At Home booths, where the winners got to check out some of Globe’s latest offerings, as well as win freebies. One of the games was asking a question that was answerable by “Yes” or “No,” like a magic eight-ball. (I asked whether I was going to be rich soon, and the machine sadly said “eureu-wrong.”) 

PULP Live World vice president and Happee Hour’s Happee Sy-Go also came to say hello and had a quick chat with the winners. 

Going up to the second floor, our first stop was the K-mmunity PH booth, where people were encouraged to register to get updates on the exclusive events, promos, and first-dibs on concert tickets. Those who registered during EXplOration Day 2 got exclusive concert merchandise! 

Fans got to try a total of four studios while waiting for the concert to begin. The first one we were invited to try was the Dance Studio. There, fans got to show off their dance moves to a random EXO song. The winner of the Teleportation challenge showed off his killer dance moves to EXO’s “The Eve” and it was easy to see why he won the competition. None of the other winners wanted to challenge him after that. 

Next to it was the Idol Studio, where fans got to take photos with the Exoplanet. After that, we got to check out the Record Studio. Over there, fans customized stickers with the symbol of their favorite EXO member from MAMA era.

The last booth was the Chant Studio, where fans got to flex their singing skills to a randomly chosen EXO song. Participants got freebies afterward! 

When the tour ended, people were free to do as they pleased. They used that time to try each of the booths and to join the K-mmunity Facebook group. As people inside the venue were killing time, we could have sworn that we heard EXO doing their soundcheck! 

What’s a concert without eye-catching outfits? As people were entering the venue, fans spotted a PHIXO wearing a wedding dress! According to the fan, she said she was preparing for her wedding with Kai! 

That was definitely a lot to take in before the concert itself began. There’s no doubt that PHIXO were more than ready for EXO to take the stage. Fans have waited for a long time to see EXO again, and it’s finally time for EXO and PHIXO to meet again.


Special thanks to both Globe and PULP Live World for a chance to cover this event! Check out the rest of the photos from the concert below.

Join the K-mmunity PH group on Facebook to get updates on exclusive, events, promos, and first-dibs on concert tickets!

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