#EXplOrationInManila Concert Review Part 2: “Walang Uuwi!”

Mindy Dela Cruz and Clara Palma contributed to this article. Photos by Trisha Yalung

The first day of EXplOration in Manila was announced last minute after August 24 concert had been sold out. Despite that, and the concert taking place on a Friday night, MOA Arena was still well-occupied. The fans, dressed in shades of red, blue, white, and yellow, braved the rainy afternoon to line up for EXO.

The members opened the show with explosive songs “Tempo,” “Transformer,” and “Gravity.” 

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Fans also got to see solo and unit stages from the different members. People sang along to Baekhyun’s first solo venture “UN Village,” and the rest of EXO showed off their rendition of the song’s point choreography later on. Suho drive fans wild as he showed off both his vocals and his abs with his solo “Been Through.” On the other hand, Chen slowed down the tempo and made things more mellow with his heartfelt rendition of “Lights Out.” EXO-SC, the newest sub-unit comprised of Sehun and Chanyeol, performed their songs “What a Life” and “Closer To U.” Finally, Kai performed his rendition of an unreleased song “Confession.” Fun fact: Kai himself wrote the lyrics, with a little help from Chanyeol! 

The concert doubled as a spectacular light show with colorful bulbs dangling around the boys in interesting formation during “24/7” and the fireworks flaring up during “Power.” PHIXO were definitely hyped during title tracks such as “Growl” which cut straight to “Overdose” and was followed immediately by “Call Me Baby.”

Suho explained the meaning behind the show’s concept, saying EXplOration means EXO-Ls are travelling with EXO. Likewise, the members guessed the reason behind the night’s dress code as the Philippine flag. They even pointed out how the Korean flag also have similar colors, making EXO and PHIXO one! 

In the end, EXO thanked the Filipino fans for making a two-day concert possible in Manila. Chanyeol added it would be great to hold the concert for three days next time! So alam na, PHIXO─make #iponing a habit!

If Day 1 was a blast, we dare say that Day 2 of ExplOration in Manila was out of this world! 

“It’s been a long time… Around a year? I think the Filipino fans are unchanging,” Suho said at the beginning of the concert. “The atmosphere here is better than I thought. I think it’s better than yesterday!” (Sorry, fans who only went on Day 1. EXO still loves you all.) 

Just like the day before, there was a dress code for the concert. This time, Baekhyun said that seeing PHIXO being unified gave him more energy to perform for us that night. 

At some point, EXO learned how to say “Isa pa!” thanks to the fans chanting it as a request for Suho to show off his abs again. At that, he had to tell PHIXO to stop because both EXO and the crowd were going wild.  

When EXO returned to the stage for the encore, they started it with “Unfair” from their 2015 EP Sing For You. They then sang “On The Snow” before they said their farewell messages for the fans. 

Suho: Did you have fun tonight? Mahal kita (sic) Manila. I remember this because EXO-L said to me “Mahal kita, Suho.”

Chanyeol: Usually, it’s hard for me to be this hyped, but tonight the tension was so high that I lost my mind. It was so much fun for me! I’ll come back soon! If we can’t come as EXO, I’ll come alone and eat mangoes. I really love mangoes. Thank you for gifting me with happy memories. I will come back soon. 

(Is this a hint for something in the future? We sure hope it is!) 

Kai: You guys were having so much fun because of that, I had fun too. The Philippines makes me want to hold concerts here thousands of times. With this passion, we’ll prepare our next album. Mahal kita! (sic) 

Chen: More than anything, I want to thank the staff who made this possible. We were only supposed to have one day, but thanks to you guys, we were able to have two days. I’m quite sad this is coming to an end. We’ll come back with new songs.

Baekhyun: I had so much fun with you guys. I feel so happy because I’m going back home with precious memories. Please expect us to come back with new songs! Thank you, Manila!

Sehun: If we have the chance, we will always come back to the Philippines. I also told Chanyeol about how much fun tonight was that I wanted to add one more day! Too bad it can’t happen. We will be going back home with the energy.

After Sehun said this, fans started chanting “Walang uuwi!” (No one’s going home) Sehun then asked the translator to interpret what everyone was chanting. He also asked the translator how to say it. Sehun then said “Walang uuwi” much to PHIXO’s amusement. 

As Suho began has final message, it was clear that he was getting emotional. Fans started chanting “Iiyak na ‘yan!” (He’s going to cry!) The translator was kind enough to tell them what it meant (although it was translated as everyone’s going to cry), which then lead to Suho singing one of their older songs “Baby Don’t Cry.”

“This will not be our last moment together,” Suho promised the audience. “EXO will always live in your hearts. We will be back soon with a new album and another concert. I was really happy, and I want to thank you guys for tonight.” 

The fan concert ended with “Smile On My Face” and a promise to return to Manila for another show. EXO still had to say goodbye despite fans’ shouts of “Walang uuwi.” Goodbye, until we meet again, EXO. 


Which is your favorite moment from EXplOration? 

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