LISTEN: 8 Songs to Jam to Before GO GO GFRIEND! in Manila

In just two more weeks, Filipino BUDDYs will be seeing five-member girl group GFRIEND for the Manila stop of their GO GO GFRIEND! Asia tour. The concert will be on August 25 at the New Frontier Theater.

To help you emotionally prepare for concert night, we recommend that you listen to the following songs:


Me Gustas Tu

It’s always good to start with the classics, and Me Gustas Tu is one of them. With their innocent, feminine image combined with their knife-like choreography, this song is something every BUDDY is looking forward to seeing performed, to remember how far the girls have come since their debut.

Love Whisper

Continue the summertime theme with Love Whisper. Compared to their other summer songs, this track is more laidback, and just enough to help you catch your breath before another series of sharp performances from the girls.


No doubt, Rough is GFRIEND’s most iconic song, and it definitely belongs in our list. With a dynamic pop sound and one of the group’s best choreographies, being able to watch this live is an experience, indeed.


We move from energetic bops to a title track that is daintier and more nuanced.

Time for the Moon Night

With orchestral elements in a dramatic, anime-ish instrumental, providing more time to sit back and enjoy GFRIEND’s sweet vocals.


GFRIEND strays away from their “powerful innocence” image with a flat-out powerful song in Fingertip. With a blend of funk and synth pop, not to mention a powerful choreography, you’ll be glad you saved up on energy during the previous slower songs.


Another intense bop from GFRIEND, Navillera features lots of dramatic drumbeats and synths that feel familiar based on their previous singles.

Love Bug

Love Bug features a blend of retro jazz and funk, a perfect song to wind down to as the concert comes to an end.


Which GFRIEND song is on loop while you wait for D-Day? Let us know in the comments!

GO GO GFRIEND! in Manila is brought to you by MyMusic Taste. Tickets are still available on all TicketNet outlets.

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