LISTEN: 9 Songs to Jam to Before N.Flying Up All Night in Manila

The last time we had seen N.Flying in Manila was when they were part of the artist line up in K-Pop Republic 2, back in 2017.

In just a few weeks, we’ll be seeing them again, this time for a solo performance! N.Flying Up All Night in Manila is happening on September 1 at the New Frontier Theater!

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Excited? We’ve listed 11 songs we wish they would perform for the Manila crowd:

Up All Night

As the name of the tour, it’s no surprise that “Up All Night” belongs to the set list. With a crunchy guitar sound, it’s a perfect song to jump start the rest of the concert.

Like a Flower

An emotional ballad, Like a Flower’s wistful melody will have you clutching your chest as you feel its hugot.


Another toned-down song compared to the other rock songs in the set list, Crossroad is soothing to listen to. Expect the rap sequence to keep you hooked.

Spring Memories

Spring Memories combines folk with soft pop. The acoustic guitar and whistling make the song a relaxing listen.

How R U Today?

A slow and chill song, N.Flying will take you back to the summer season.


It’s the song that earned N.Flying their first win in a music show! The song combines the fun elements N.Flying is known for and the group’s mature side.

Leave It

Leave It is reminiscent of N.Flying’s sound in their debut days—energetic though more refined.

The Real

The Real leaves an explosion of N.Flying’s signature energy. You’ll be jumping up and down the seat to keep up with the song.

Hot Potato

A super-addictive and wacky track, N.Flying will have you jumping in your seat, wishing the concert would never end.

Which N.Flying song do you want performed at the concert? Let us know in the comments below!

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