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Concert organizer hints of new K-Pop event, artist lineup

Concert organizer and promoter DNM Entertainment has posted a set of teasers for an upcoming K-Pop event in October. The event, called Good Friends in Manila, will happen on October 5, 2019. As...

WATCH: Park Hae Jin invites fans to see him in Manila

Korean actor Park Hae Jin invited his Filipino fans to go out on a "date" with him at his first fan meeting in Manila on September 21 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. "I...

First Filipino film festival in South Korea opens in September

The first Filipino film festival in South Korea will open September 27 to 29 at the Arirang Cinema Center, Seoul, South Korea. Dubbed the Korea Pinoy International Film Festival (한국필리핀국제영화제), it will be...

The K-Pop Beginner’s Guide to EXO

This is a press release. K-Pop fever is stronger than ever, and one of the biggest boybands to capture the hearts of fans not only in the Philippines, but on the entire planet,...

Gangwon Province: South Korea’s Scenic Charms through Natural Beauty

Gangwon Province is a scenic beauty filled with spots and tourism attractions that one, especially those who love nature, would definitely love.

5 Things That Will Surprise You about Cha Eunwoo

He’s good looking, he’s a good singer, and he can make your heart beat crazy with his smile! But apart from his roles as Do Kyungseok in “Gangnam Beauty” and one of...

OPM X Koreanovelas: Pinoy OSTs in Korean Dramas

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with this list of most loved OPM songs used as soundtracks for the K-Dramas we enjoyed!

SB19 shows off charms and wit at “Go Up” press conference

SB19 showed off their charms and wit to media in their press conference for their second single "Go Up."

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A Look at 2AM: The K-Pop Kings of Ballad

As they celebrate their 12th debut anniversary, we take a look at 2AM’s noteworthy ballads.

Mon Confiado stars in PH-set KR film “The Golden Holiday”

Filipino actor Mon Confiado is one of the stars of upcoming Korean film "The Golden Holiday" which is set in the Philippines! Confiado joins South...

Details for 72nd TOPIK released

After a series of postponements, the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) in the Philippines may finally push through as the Korean Cultural Center...