Monthly Archives: August, 2019

BENCH posts teaser of the newest “oppa” #GlobalBENCHsetter

Looks like we're getting another "oppa" as the newest member of the BENCH family! In an Instagram post, BENCH founder Ben Chan posted a video teaser for its newest endorser. The caption says,...

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Korean culture made accessible through KCC’s “Korea at Home” Campaign

This is a press release. Culture as a shared experience became one of the casualties of COVID-19’s onslaught around the world. But as the world...

VICTON to hold online concert for Asia fans

VICTON will be holding their first online concert for Asia fans on July 12.

Lovelyz to perform, interact with fans on Shopee Live

K-Pop idol group Lovelyz will be meeting Lovelinus on Shopee Live on July 9.