WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS: The K-Pop Ulan Playlist

It’s official – bed weather is here! It’s the season of difficulty in getting up in the morning to go to work or school, and the season of struggling to get a ride and stay dry. (Yup, we know exactly how it feels.)

But not all is bad during the rainy season as it is perfect weather for a warm cup of coffee (or tea), soup, and congee. Top it up with beautiful music from our playlist and you wouldn’t hate being stuck in the rain like you used to. (Make sure you follow our specially curated playlist on Spotify!)

You, Clouds, Rain

Heize feat. Shin Yong Jae

Singer, rapper and songwriter Heize captivated audiences all over South Korea with this R&B and bossa nova blended track, which made her win the Digital Bonsang at the 32nd Golden Disk Awards. Awards aside, we think that everything is perfect for the rainy weather – from the music to the music video.


Soyou and Baekhyun

There is always something about the rain that makes us emo. The delicate vocals of Soyou and EXO’s Baekhyun, together with the song’s sad lyrics, makes us think of the moments of ‘what was’ or the ‘what if’s’.

On Rainy Days


In spite of its release in 2011 and change of members, this song is a classic every rainy season.

Forever and a Day

Wanna One

Wanna One came back in 2018 with a special album showcasing the boys’ different musical colors through units. The unit, Lean on Me, is composed of members Yoon Ji Sung, Ha Sung Woon and Hwang Min Hyun. Accompanied with NELL’s usual emotional music, the lyrics was inspired by the members’ thoughts of memories of their bond even after Wanna One’s disbandment.



It definitely wouldn’t be a rainy weather playlist without I.O.I’s Downpour. Full of sincerity, this emotional ballad makes us want our tears to be mixed into the rain. We miss these girls so much, and we hope to see them in a mini reunion.



Not all rainy day songs need to be ballads. KNK’s Rain is a sad dance track backed with a saxophone and a Spanish guitar. Everything about the song and the video is on point, and we wouldn’t mind being in the rain with them.

Untitled, 2014


We are definitely missing G-Dragon’s presence in the music industry. While we wait for him to finish his military service, let’s enjoy his music shall we?

The Truth Untold

BTS feat. Steve Aoki


At first glance, you would think it is dance track because of international DJ Steve Aoki. However, it turns out to be a heart-wrenching ballad by the vocal line of BTS. The lyrics tell of a person’s struggle to reveal his or her true self to the one he or she loves, and we could pretty much relate in some way.



Speaking of a warm cup of coffee, we couldn’t just miss out EXO’s Universe. You could almost smell the coffee beans through the music video. Go ahead, grab a cup, and enjoy the warmth of EXO’s vocals with this song.

Ending Scene


IU’s voice always has its way of tugging people’s heartstrings, that’s why she continues to be one of South Korea’s most loved soloists. The song is perfect to listen to on senti rainy days.


I Miss You

“I Miss You” is a soulful RnB ballad that showcases MAMAMOO’s beautiful vocals. Rainy days can make us miss someone so dearly. Therefore, making even the lyrics so fitting amidst the rain.


If You

We all know how Big Bang loves to party. “If You”, showcases the decade-long group’s ability to strip it down in order to highlight the pain of letting go of the one you love.

(On a side note, BTS’ Jungkook performed this song in “King of a Masked Singer” and everyone praised him for his rendition!)

Red Velvet

One of These Nights

Following Red Velvet’s lively image for “Dumb Dumb,” “One of These Nights” was an unexpected release. But as the group’s name was first introduced, they are two sides of the same coin.  Accompanied with a beautifully poignant music video, “One of These Nights” showcases these five beautiful ladies’ velvet-like voices.

Lee Hi


Everything about this song is breathtakingly beautiful – the music video, the melody, the lyrics, and even Lee Hi herself.

Nam Woo Hyun (INFINITE)

Nod Nod

Following the steps of Sunggyu, Nam Woo Hyun became the second INFINITE member who ventured solo. He always had this soft emotional voice that brings tears to everyone’s eyes, making his voice perfect to listen to during the rainy days.

Baek Ye Rin

Bye Bye My Blue

If you don’t recognize Baek Ye Rin, she is the other half of 15& with labelmate, Park Ji Min. Although the two ladies haven’t been performing together in a while, Baek Ye Rin shines beautifully in this second solo release.

Ryeowook (Super Junior)

The Little Prince

It was a struggle to pick among Super Junior’s vocalists with their beautiful solos, but Ryeowook could give warmth in this cold and rainy season with “Little Prince.”

Lim Kim


It’s obvious why this song is chosen. Kidding aside, K-sounds don’t always have to be ballads on a rainy day. Take on something different, like bossa nova, to go with your warm coffee and the soft raindrops outside your window.

Roy Kim

I Want to Love You

Roy Kim’s music is art. There was also a lot of difficulty choosing songs, particularly from his “The Great Dipper” album, which was released last December 2015. His songs are perfect companions in lulling to sleep in the middle of a downpour.


Sing for You

EXO’s vocals shine through and through in “Sing for You.”  It’s a beautiful confession song that can turn any gloomy weather into a romantic one.



This is self-explanatory. Besides that, the jazzy, mid-tempo ballad is suitable for those rainy days where you just sit by the window and watch the raindrops, as you take a trip down memory lane. When else do you have time to get senti besides rainy days?


Dream Catcher

No rainy day playlist is complete without a Nell song. Their latest single “Dream Catcher” is about holding on even if things aren’t going so well—a nice message to listen to on those dark, rainy days, whether literally or figuratively.

Epik High feat. Kim Jongwan (Nell)

Let It Rain

For those who prefer rap music, one of Epik High’s older songs, “Let it Rain” is just the thing. Though the title may be the last thing you want to happen, the song conveys the bitterness of a relationship gone wrong, and matches the mood of the skies outside.

How about you? What songs are on your rainy day playlist? Share your recommendations in the comments section below!

Cheska De Ocampo contributed to this article.

Clara Palma
A frustrated supermodel/ballerina/novelist who lists Super Junior, EXO, and Infinite as some of her favorite groups, Clara’s first exposure to all things Korean was through K-dramas Lovers in Paris and Goong. She is willing to talk about fashion, beauty, dance, books, all things baduy, and figure skating over a cup of tea. She co-runs a figure skating blog You Only Lutz Once with fellow KStreet contributor Bea. Check out her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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