The many faces of Park Hae Jin

The Filipino audience first came to know Park Hae Jin as Darren Shin in the local airing of East of Eden. He has since become one of the most loved K-drama actors in the country with his other small screen appearances, such as My Love From the Star, Doctor Stranger, Cheese in the Trap, and Man To Man, which all reached our TV airwaves as well.

The actor, who hails from Busan, South Korea, debuted in 2006 as Yun Ha Nam in the drama Famous Chil Princesses, which earned him the Best New Actor Award at the 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards. From there, his career continuously blossomed with various drama and movie roles, both in Korea and China, for which he reaped various recognitions.

Hae Jin has portrayed different characters, from a photographer to a CEO and even a serial killer in his colorful filmography since debut, but there is, of course, more to this versatile actor than meets the eye. Read on and fall *even more* in love with him!

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Donation Angel

Park Hae Jin is known for his kind heart! It is said he has donated more than 1.7 billion won in many charities, both in Korea and overseas. He regularly shares his blessings with the Hyesimwon child welfare facility in Seoul and the BABY’s House in Shanghai among others. He also does volunteer work. Unsurprisingly, he is the eighth celebrity to become a member of the Honor Society by Community Chest of Korea, a club of *ahem* rich donors.

Moreover, he has campaigned to make the world a better place by planting trees! Together with his band of loyal supporters, Hae Jin helped donate more than 6,500 trees to a foundation that works to stop the rapid desertification in Western China and improve the air quality and living environment in the region.

Park Hae Jin was appointed as honorary firefighter at the Central 119 Rescue Headquarters in Gyeonggi Province last November 11, 2018.

He was also named an honorary firefighter for the National Emergency Management Agency in 2018. He started supporting the Korean fire warriors after learning of their working conditions through a fan who is the child of a firefighter. He helped the sector by modelling for a firefighter calendar to raise funds and starring in a promotional video without fee.

Postage stamp oppa

Some Korean stars have been featured on postage stamps in China, but Park Hae Jin is said to be the first one to have appeared both in regular issue and limited edition. This is due to his popularity in the country following his appearance in the drama Qian Duo Duo Marry Remember as Xu Fei (which, by the way, also made him the first Korean actor to win at the LeTV Awards in 2012). The postage stamp project is part of the China’s Ministry of Communications and China Post’s effort to recognize top influential figures in Beijing.

That one Lotte Cinema room

Indeed, Park Hae Jin has built for himself a successful following in China with a number of TV series and movies, such as Love’s Relativity, Far Away Love, and Another Brilliant Life. His Korean dramas, like My Daughter Seoyoung, also created waves in Beijing. With this, a commemorative room was named after him in Lotte Cinema in the country’s north. He even took part in designing the room! The room contained a photo zone and merchandise store.

The jeweller

Speaking of “designer” Park Hae Jin, he also launched his own jewelry brand in Japan. PHJ Kiss released limited collections of his own creation in 2012. Seriously though, what else can’t this man do?

The music video star

Apart from the big and small screens, our boy Hae Jin also starred in two music videos! In 2007, he appeared opposite Heo Yi Jae in the two-part music video of The Way’s Love Hurts, which depicts a tragic love story during the Japanese rule in Korea.


Then in 2016, he was a heart-fluttering leading man in Fiestar’s Like MV with actress Gong Seungyeon.

The millipede?

Just kidding! But of course, fans would know that Park Hae Jin loves collecting sneakers! And by collecting, we mean that this man has A LOT. At one point, he has reportedly admitted to owning 1,800 pairs of sneakers (and this number has no doubt grown over time). We can only imagine how large his shoe rack is. He has even shared he considers his would-be wife’s opinion about this hobby when thinking about marriage.


Manila K-drama fans will soon see Park Hae Jin’s face IRL when he visits our country next month! Prepare your fangirl and fanboy hearts for his gracious presence in SPARK: Park Hae Jin Fan Meeting in Manila on November 23 at the New Frontier Theater. Secure your seats now by visiting any of Ticketnet outlets or dropping by Let’s create happy memories with Park Hae Jin!

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