WATCH: MNL48’s Grace covers Into the New World for Girls’ Generation’s 12th debut anniversary

SONEs all over the world were in a festive mood on August 5 as Girls’ Generation celebrated their 12th debut anniversary. Tributes poured out, from fan arts to long, heartfelt messages as to how the group has inspired them.

Part of the latter SONEs is Grace, a member of local idol group MNL48. On anniversary day, she posted a dance cover of “Into the New World,” Girls’ Generation’s debut song, on her Instagram account.

Grace also left a long message, sharing that Girls’ Generation is the reason she was hooked on the idol industry, which led her to dream to become an idol, too.

Now, Grace is currently part of MNL48’s senbatsu, the Top 16 girls who are promoting their latest single, “Ikaw Ang Melody.”

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation for their 12th debut anniversary!

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