Pinoy YouTuber Niana Guerrero gets sweet Instagram reply from EXO’s Chanyeol

YouTube star and dance wunderkind Niana Guerrero received a sweet and encouraging Instagram message from EXO’s Chanyeol after she and his brother, Ranz Kyle, did a direct message (DM) to 100 celebrities challenge. We can’t imagine it to be very easy nor quick to complete this challenge, perhaps it would be a little easier if one were to use a third-party instagram messenger application for their desktop so they can type on an actual keyboard? Either way, kudos for completing it!

In Ranz Kyle’s recently posted vlog, the siblings sent DMs to 100 celebrities including K-Pop stars. Ranz, admitting that he is a BLACKPINK fan, sent DMs to members Lisa and Jennie. Niana, on the other hand, sent DMs to BTS’s official account and EXO’s Chanyeol. Despite the title of the vlog, only one of the four K-Pop idols replied?—Chanyeol.

Niana sent, “Hey! Thanks for following me! A lot of people love you here in the Philippines” to which Chanyeol replied, “I like your dance! I learn a lot from your dance. Keep showing everyone a good dance! Thanks for sending me a message.” (Niana reads the reply at 13:26.)

Niana received a follow from Chanyeol on Instagram early this year.

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After reading the reply, Ranz Kyle said they should make a dance cover of one of EXO’s songs soon, and Niana agreed.

Chanyeol’s message was really nice and sweet! Niana is really one lucky girl!

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