7 Times Ha Sungwoon is #TitaAF

Adorably nicknamed “Cloud,” Ha Sungwoon can be described in a lot of ways. First, he is a member of Star Crew Entertainment’s six-piece boy group HOTSHOT, which debuted in October 2015. He further gained popularity when he participated in the second season of Produce 101 and took the 11th spot to join Wanna One. After the project group was dissolved, he launched into a solo career with his first and co-produced EP My Moment in February 2019. His debut solo song “Bird” immediately earned him his first-ever music show win on Show Champion. His second mini-album BXXX also proved to be another successful solo, with title track “Blue” reaping him music show trophies. 

Another thing about Sungwoon, he is also a member of the Friendship Parkas a.k.a. that ~powerful~ idol barkada, consisting of SHINee‘s Taemin, EXO‘s Kai, BTS‘s Jimin, VIXX‘s Ravi, and HOTSHOT’s Timoteo (as well as non-celebrity Jung Kwon Ho). Easily recognizable with their iconic parkas and friendship logo, the group has constantly shown their closeness in several variety shows and even off-schedule gathering.

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During the good ole days of Wanna One (we’re not crying, you are *sniffs*), Sungwoon had been considered to become the group’s leader along with Yoon Jisung and Hwang Minhyun. Center Kang Daniel nominated Sungwoon, saying he had that “auntie feel” and had the penchant for discriminating between right and wrong. Bae Jinyoung added to that, describing Sungwoon as someone who speaks his mind frankly. Well, he even refers to himself as the aunt of the group so who would dare to argue? 

And with that, we gathered evidence of Sungwoon rocking his most relatable #tita attitude!

1. Sungwoon’s luggage is either the second coming of Doraemon’s pocket or Dora’s backpack, you choose

One tell-tale sign of being an absolute tita is when you pack all the necessity in your ginormous bag just to be, you know, prepared. Sungwoon has proven himself to be a boy scout na laging handa, bringing with him the weirdest assortment of stuff imaginable in his luggage. 

While face mask, dry shampoo, facial cream, sunscreen, BB cream, lip balm, and mist are pretty normal, and stuff like flashlight and multipurpose tools are expected as he prepared for Law of the Jungle, he had also been spotted with an electric heating mat, air humidifier, toaster, ramen pot, and cup noodles at some point. 

Here’s a pretty self-explanatory fan-made compilation on Instagram:

Credit: hasungwoonbible / Instagram

2. Speaking of the wide selection of beauty products he has in his bag, your “tita” Sungwoon could be in the running for the King of Skincare title

Sungwoon perhaps has the best skin in all of Wanna One and HOTSHOT combined since he loves sticking to his skincare ritual. In this video, we see Sungwoon having a session with Jinyoung during an episode of Wanna One Go: Zero Base (starting from 01:05).

Credit: lovable_hasungwoon / YouTube

3. And since we’re on the topic of Wanna One Go: Zero Base

Who can forget this iconic Zumba moment (feat. Minhyun and Lai Guanlin)? Sweg~

Credit: 101% / YouTube

4. You also know you’re a #TrueTita when you’re already preparing for bed at 8 PM

After nagging at the members for being too noisy while watching a horror film, here we see Sungwoon falling asleep halfway through the movie. Pagoda coldwave lotion si tita mo, pak!

Credit: K k / YouTube

5. ‘Yung tita mong ~dating expert~ pero walang jowa

In this clip from JTBC’s Good Luck, the guests were asked whether they would look through their significant other’s phone. Sungwoon says he wouldn’t, noting it would be pointless to do so if there’s nothing suspicious in it and that he would only end up feeling guilty if he did so (starting from 1:07).

Credit: JTBC Entertainment / YouTube

Plus, look how happy he was when the fortune-teller told him he wouldn’t have dating luck until 2024. Another fortune-telling expert even said he wouldn’t have dating luck until after 10 years. Tagasabi ng “sana all” until further notice.


6. “Nung kabataan ko…”

Another striking characteristic of a true-blue tita is when you look at the young ones and go, “Nung kapanahunan ko…” (“During my time…”) Sungwoon has reportedly expressed support for Produce X 101 contestant Kim Kook Heon (who, unfortunately, didn’t make the cut). He said the former MYTEEN member worked so hard and watching the trainees made him think about his time in the show.

Sungwoon is also that supportive tita who has always been the first to congratulate his friends when they receive awards or hold concerts. Like this time he watched Taemin’s 2nd concert T1001101 with Jinyoung, holding his pearl aqua lightstick and calling SHINee’s maknae the “greatest male solo artist ever!” Sweet!

Credit: gooreumseng / Instagram

7. And in keeping up with the kids these days…

Here’s a video of Sungwoon trying The Musician game, but easy level lang tayo tita. He couldn’t be more relatable!

Credit: itskylic / YouTube


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