Fans decry shelving of RAMF 2019 with #RAMFSCAM

Yet another storm brewed within the Filipino K-Pop community following the announcement late Wednesday night that Rainbows in Asia Music Festival: The 2019 K-Pop Super Concert will be postponed. The #RAMFSCAM topped the Philippine Twitter trends for hours afterwards, with seven fandoms expressing their dismay over the news.

Many are worried about the refund, and those who hail from far provinces are also asking for a return of the money they spent, not just on their tickets, but also of their flight and hotel reservations. Fans who have prepared fan projects and giveaways are also tweeting about their disappointment.

Filipino K-Pop fans who felt they were “scammed” are calling on Cathy Vi, believed to be the local organizer, to shed light on the matter, but she has since deactivated the Twitter account she used to update fans about the concert and deleted all RAMF-related content on her Facebook.

She has earlier assured concertgoers that everything has been set and the show would not be cancelled.

KStreet Manila reached out to her for comments, but she has not replied to our queries as of posting.

Fans who have contacted TicketWorld for a refund said they were told the concert is, in fact, already cancelled rather than simply postponed as announced.

In light of these developments, DARATV’s official Twitter announced it would no longer push through with the planned ticket giveaway. “The #RAMF2019KPOPSUPERCONCERT to be held on 21st Sep. has been canceled [sic] due to changes in circumstances caused by organizer. We’re deeply saddened to announce that the ticket event can not be continued,” it said.

WINNER member Seunghoon‘s Instagram story a day after the announcement featured a screenshot of his earlier Instagram post promoting the show in Tagalog, emblazoned with the words “Event Cancel” and a crying emoji. The original post no longer appears in his profile.

The notice came via a video message posted on RAMF’s official Facebook page around 10 PM on September 18, three days before D-day. The man speaking in the video, who introduced himself as the Korean promoter of the concert and the CEO of Phil Kor 301, said the postponement is due to “internal problems.”

“We really wanted to show an amazing show to Filipino KPOP fans, but due to our internal problems, the RAMF 2019 concert has been moved to the postponed schedule,” he said. 

“We sincerely apologise and promise to have a better event on our next visit,” he added.

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KStreetManila tried searching for “Phil Kor 301” and “Phil-Korea 301 International” online, but no company details or official website came out in the results. 

The concert, which was first announced on August 28, would have featured Park Bom, MAMAMOO, WINNER, OH MY GIRL, Kriesha Chu, Z-GIRLS, Z-BOYS, and AB6IX at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. Sandara Park and Ryan Bang were also supposed to MC the event.