NU’EST Ren on PH L.O.Λ.Es: “Their shouts were so loud. It was awesome.”

Ren made several comments about Filipino L.O.Λ.Es in his solo VLIVE a few days after NU’EST’s concert in Manila!

In the 4:17 mark, a fan asked how was their performance in the Philippines. Ren answered, “It ended well. Our members had so much fun. Not only the Philippines’ L.O.Λ.E, but also L.O.Λ.E from Korea came to the show. It made us enjoy more.”

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Also in 11:10, Ren described Filipino L.O.Λ.Es as fans with “so much energy”. Their shouts were so loud. It was awesome,” he added.

Then, a fan from the Philippines commented (58:31), “Hi, Mingi. Fans in Manila miss you so much. Love you.” And Ren replied, “Mahal kita. Mahal kita.”

Watch the full VLIVE below:

It seems that NU’EST definitely had a memorable time in Manila. Check out photos and our recap on NU’EST Segno in Manila here!