SB19 trends no. 1 anew as “Go Up” MV hits 1M views

The all-Pinoy boy group SB19 have reached another milestone. Their latest music video, “Go Up” has reached 1M views today, September 9!

Released last July 26, the music video is their second single after their debut in October last year.

The group and the song trended after their dance music video trended among K-Pop fans first. They then caught on public ears because of the strong, upbeat, K-Pop vibe, the group’s sharp and synchronize dancing skills, and stable vocals.

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Following the million views, the hashtag #SB19GoUp1M took the top trending spot on Twitter Monday night.

A screenshot of the top trends in the Philippines, September 9. #SB19GoUp1M tops the list.

The song “Go Up” is composed by RealBros, a group of Korean composers who has worked with several K-Pop idols in Korea. Watch the music video below:

Congratulations SB19!

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