VAV is looking forward to meeting PH VAMPZ!

Photos by Elaine Lim

K-Pop group VAV is nervous but definitely excited for their first fan meeting here in Manila on Saturday!

VAV faced the members of the media at a venue in Quezon City and talked about their preparations for the fan meeting.

Member Ayno said he is curious about how Filipino VAMPZ would cheer for them since it is their first time to perform here, and he knows local fans are energetic. 

It seemed, too, that Ace has his eyes on Filipino fans, saying many local VAMPZ always show their support on social media. He even mentioned how he couldn’t sleep well due to his excitement for the event!

Leader St. Van said he expects many VAMPZ would come to watch them perform. Maknae Ziu noted that although they had been in Bohol for the filming of their Give Me More MV, this is the first time they are actually going to perform in the Philippines, so he is nervous. 

“Philippine fans, mahal ko kayo!” (“I love you!”) Ziu said.

“This time is special for me because tomorrow [September 7] is my birthday,” member Jacob said. “I hope tomorrow, we can have a good time with Philippine fans,” he added.

Baron noted how the venue allows the fan meeting to be more intimate. He said he hopes they can communicate with PH VAMPZ despite the language barrier.

Lou, who used to live in Cebu during his teenage years, said he hopes this wouldn’t be the only time they can hold a show in the Philippines.

Asked what he remembered the most about the Visayan city which he proudly called “home,” Lou said, “I remember the food like lechon and pancit canton… I felt like all the people in the Philippines are very kind. And also, I like the weather. I hate the cold weather [in Korea]. I really like it here.”

While St. Van said he would love to return to Bohol, Ace and Baron said they want to visit Cebu after hearing a lot of positive remarks about the city from Lou. Ace added he likes to do extreme sports and thinks he could enjoy them in Cebu. (It’s a win for Cebuano VAMPZ!)

VAV members were also asked about the Filipino food they liked during their stay. St Van picked sisig, while Ayno said dried mangoes. Jollibee snatched Ace’s heart, and in particular, Chicken Joy and Aloha burger got a vote from Baron. 

The K-Pop group arrived early on Thursday and was able to meet TV host Boy Abunda for an episode of “Tonight With Boy Abunda.” Asked about their impression of “Tito Boy,” the members rambled on about how impressive his fashion is. 

Ayno said he didn’t know the TV host is so popular, saying Tito Boy is really cool. Baron added Abunda looked like the lead character in the movie Matrix.

Following the interview, VAV said they were introduced to some of our local actors and actresses! St. Van even said they would like to collaborate with Filipino artists if given the chance.

In the end, VAV asked fans to keep supporting their songs and performances in the future. 

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VAV is waiting for you! Head over to SM City North EDSA Skydome on Saturday, September 7, for a sweet interaction with the boys! Tickets are available at