7 GOT7 Songs that Got Us Feeling Like…

It is no mystery for ahgases that GOT7 are their own composers, producers, lyricists, choreographers, and many more. They are their own artists – taking the reins in album production and concept. Having seven members – JB, Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom – each has their own way of expressing themselves in their songs.

As we are days away from GOT7’s return to the Philippines for their 2019 KEEP SPINNING TOUR IN MANILA, we’ve listed some songs from their colorful discography that are fitting for whatever you might be feeling.

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1. “I Am Me”

When you’re feeling unsure of yourself

No one knows you best but yourself. Insults and malicious things may be hurled at you, but as Jackson’s rap goes:

Look in the mirror
Take a good look at yourself
Find yourself, love yourself
Do you notice

2. “Just Right”

When you think you are not pretty

Just because you have a big built or dark skin does not mean you are not pretty. Listen to what GOT7 has to say:

마냥 행복하면 돼 걱정 없이 (Just be happy, don’t worry)
부족한 점이 뭔지 찾기 없기 (Don’t look for your flaws)
거울 대신 그냥 내 눈 빛을 바라봐 (Instead of the mirror, just look into my eyes)
저울 대신 내 등 위에 올라타봐 봐 (Instead of the scale, just get on my back)

3. “Eclipse”

When you are feeling unsure in your relationship

There comes a time in every romantic relationship when the clouds of kilig drift away. You are then shaken with the reality of wanting to protect the relationship and the person you love the most.

4. “Look”

When you feel afraid

GOT7 are absolutely boyfriend-dols, aren’t they? Look into their eyes whenever you feel afraid or uneasy. GOT7 is there to comfort you.

5. “Teenager”

When you feel kilig

Or pwede rin naman, kung gusto mo kiligin.

6. “Miracle”

When you are feeling the Christmas spirit

You have probably already Christmas decors set up in malls. Since it’s already October, might as well get into the feeling of the warmth of Christmas with GOT7.

7. “Thank You”

When you feel grateful

Whether big or small, there are lot of things we can be thankful for.

Which GOT7 song do you play according to how you feel? Let us know in the comments!

GOT7 Keep Spinning in Manila 2019 will be happening on October 26 at the Mall of Asia Arena. This event is presented by PULP Live World, Live Nation, Asiana Airlines, and Globe.