Ben&Ben wants a studio version of Cha Eunwoo’s Kathang Isip cover

Nope, this is not just our imagination: Ben&Ben really said they want a studio version of Cha Eunwoo‘s Kathang Isip!

Cha Eunwoo, who just concluded his successful 1st Asia Fan Meeting Just One 10 Minute last October 26 at the New Frontier Theater, delivered a flawless live performance of the Ben&Ben hit. Here’s a short clip─just listen to how he enunciated the Filipino lyrics clearly!

Getting wind of this performance, Ben&Ben took to Twitter early on Sunday to say that they─like the rest of us─want a studio version of Cha Eunwoo’s song cover! They even added, “we stannnn!”

Stan Twitter is quick to say they want a collaboration between the two artists. And hey, wouldn’t that be perfect?

This is not the first time Ben&Ben has showed some K-Pop appreciation. Early this year, the OPM band said they get the “kilegs” after learning that The Boyz know their song Maybe The Night.

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We’re all for these cute interactions between amazing OPM and K-Pop talents because, really, music knows no language.

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