A Good Time With Our Good Friends in Manila

Photos by Jerickson Abuel

Saturdays are typically spent hanging out with friends after a long week of work, and the recent Good Friends in Manila concert at Smart Araneta Coliseum last October 5 was no exception. I guess we can call Ha Sungwoon, Kim Jaehwan, and MOMOLAND as our “good friends” in a way. After all, none of them are strangers to the Philippines! 

Both Ha Sungwoon and Kim Jaehwan have been to the Philippines as members of Wanna One; however, this concert was their first time performing here as solo artists. As for newly minted Kapamilya artists MOMOLAND, they were here last January for their solo concert. 

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Host Sandra Jung opened the show as she called up MOMOLAND’s Nancy, Hyebin, and Jane to join her onstage as her co-hosts. They chatted for a bit as they gave a few teasers for the upcoming performances that night. 

On Cloud Nine with Ha Sungwoon

As the lights dimmed, chants of “Ha Sungwoon” started to fill the air. As the opening notes of his solo debut single “Bird” started to play, those chants turned into screams. These screams grew even louder as Sungwoon, in all his seemingly pore-less, smooth-skinned glory finally appeared on stage. 

Sungwoon showcased both his singing and dancing skills as he performed “Tell Me I Love You,” “Riding,” and “Blue Maze.” Can I just say that he totally killed it onstage that night? Fun fact: I always knew Sungwoon was an amazing vocalist and had potential to be a songwriter. (He wrote Wanna One’s “Flower Bomb” and was involved in composing his songs for his EPs.) However, I had often overlooked him in terms of dance skills. I have now seen the light, Ha:Neuls, and I am impressed. 

During his ment, Sungwoon admitted that he was nervous about performing here as a soloist for the first time. However, he also said that seeing Filipino HA:NEUL’s support gave him energy and excitement to perform. 

As the concert was called “Good Friends in Manila,” Sungwoon said that to him, a good friend is someone who lives life to the fullest. Speaking of friends, he also talked about the time Padding Squad (his group of friends that consists of SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, VIXX’s Ravi, and Hotshot’s Timoteo) went to Cebu for vacation. 

Sungwoon also said that he’d love to visit Tagaytay the next time he’s here because he heard it is a beautiful place. I’m sure fans will be happy to show him around or give him recommendations. 

Sungwoon then ended his stage with his latest single “Blue” from his latest mini-album BXXX, and “What Are You Doing Today?”. All I can say is “Ginalingan talaga ni Tita.” I don’t know about you, but I’m so looking forward to his future projects! 

As the lights dimmed and Sungwoon left the stage, host Sandra Jung came back this time with MOMOLAND’s JooE, Ahin, and Nayun. They talked a bit about what they thought of Sungwoon’s performance. JooE even spilled that Sungwoon was dancing backstage before his performance began. 

Neighbors Know Kim Jaehwan’s Name

The lights dimmed once again, and I would like to say I am proud of myself for not crying when Kim Jaehwan stepped on stage. He melted everyone’s hearts as he sang his solo debut song “Begin Again.” Before performing his next song “Blow Me,” Jaehwan explained that he found the song fitting because his fans are called WIN:D.

I admit to actually being one of those who screamed as soon as I heard the opening notes for Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry.” He had performed the song many times ever since he used it as his solo for the final Wanna One concert; however, it was my first time to see it live. I’ll bet that he’s “Sorry Not Sorry” for stealing everyone’s hearts. (I’m genuinely sorry. I had to do it.) 

During his ment, Jaehwan talked about his stint as the male lead in MOMOLAND’s “Freeze” music video. Although Jaehwan says he will be focusing on his music career first, he’s not closing his doors to acting in the future. How fitting, because the next song he sang was “Black Sky,” which is part of the drama “Chief of Staff”’s OST. 

Jaehwan then talked about the last time he was here and how he’s still in touch with the other Wanna One members. He also said that the rest of them probably know that both he and Sungwoon were in the country for the concert. Jaehwan also said he wants to be able to show different sides to him as an artist, and that probably should have been every single WIN:D’s warning for his next song. 

No amount of emotional preparation would have been enough to brace myself for his rendition of Trey Songz’s “Neighbors Know My Name.” Jaehwan definitely showed how much his dancing has improved from his Wanna One days, and he showed that he also had a sexy side to him. 

In his final ment, Jaehwan said that he enjoyed his return to the Philippines, especially since he came with Sungwoon. Unfortunately, they didn’t perform anything together in this concert. 

Before he performed his final song “Designer,” Jaehwan revealed that he is working on a future album and asked for Filipino WIN:D to keep supporting him. Jaehwan, you know that we’d support you to the ends of the earth. You don’t even have to ask. 


After nine months, the girls of MOMOLAND have returned to the country to meet Filipino Merries once again. They opened their set with the upbeat “Welcome to MOMOLAND” and “Uh Gi Yeo Cha”. 

After that, they went closer to the fans as they sang the sweet ballad “Falling U” from their latest mini album Show Me. At the extended stage, they continued to have fun with “Bingo Game” before they took us all on a “Holiday”. They also performed an EDM version of “Wonderful Love” as Filipino Merries sang and danced along. 

Although members Yeonwoo, Daisy and Taeha were absent from the concert for different reasons, the six remaining girls were able to fill in for the three in their absence. Can we please give Jane some extra love? After all, she was the one to cover some of the more vocally difficult parts which Taeha usually sings. 

There were several technical difficulties in the middle of their performances, and I have to give props to the girls for carrying on like nothing was wrong. Now, that is some serious professionalism! 

MOMOLAND performed their latest single “I’m So Hot” and “BAAM” once they returned to the main stage. 

After that, it was announced that MOMOLAND will be donating their talent fee from this concert to less fortunate children from Antipolo City. The members will buy clothes and other items in South Korea, which will be delivered to the children of barangays San Jose and Calawis in Antipolo this month. MLD Entertainment earlier said the donation was the girl group’s way to give back to Filipino fans who have given them so much love. There was a short ceremony of Miraean Smart City’s CEO Cassandra Naidas receiving the donation from MOMOLAND. 

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To end the show, MOMOLAND performed their hit song “Bboom Bboom” as Filipino Merries sang and danced along. Full disclosure: I could have sworn the floor probably shook a bit as everyone jammed along with the girls of MOMOLAND. 

For their final song of the night, MOMOLAND performed Yeng Constantino’s “Salamat,” which they also performed during their solo concert here last January. At the end of the show the girls of MOMOLAND bid goodbye to everyone saying “Thank you, Philippines! You mean so much to us.”  

Just as every hangout with friends ends when everyone goes home, the concert also had to finally come to an end. It was definitely a night to remember. Thank you, MOMOLAND, as well as Ha Sungwoon and Kim Jaehwan, for spending some time with your Filipino fans. We hope to see you again next time! 


We would also like to thank DNM Entertainment for inviting us to cover the event. 

Check out the rest of our photos from the event. We hope they help in curing your PCD.

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