Jang Ki Yong Is Born To Kill It  

I can vividly remember the first time I watched Jang Ki Yong in a drama and it was in 2017 when he played the role of Crude Play’s Drummer named Ji In Ho in the TV series, The Liar and His Lover.

From then on, I know – deep in my fangirl heart – he’ll make it big in the industry. Some obvious reasons led me into that fantasy. A visual of an actor, CHECK! An eye-smile that will steal the heart of every girl, CHECK! But hey, there’s more to that – he’s born to become a scene-stealer!


Ki Yong started his modeling career in 2012 at the Spring/Summer Fashion Show of global designer brand, General Idea, in Seoul Fashion Week. A successful runway debut was then followed by numerous fashion projects and brand campaigns, the most notable one is his ad for Giordano. Look around Pioneer in EDSA and you’ll find him!


His influence on the catwalk was recognized when Ki Yong won the Fashion Model Award at the 9th Model Asia Awards in 2014 and Best Dressed Model at Korea’s Best Dresser Swan Awards in 2015.

Jang Ki Yong received the Fashion Model Award at the 9th Model Asia Awards Photo Credit: My Daily Korea

Just this year, Ki Yong became the new face of Sprite Korea in their Summer 2019 campaign, Dive in Sprite, alongside K-Pop star CHUNGHA.


Many people don’t know it but Ki Yong can also sing and rap! Maybe, it runs in his YG blood!

While building his career in Modeling in 2013, Ki Yong also released his single, EyeKiss, in collaboration with Korean Producer, Lovelybut.

In 2016, he shot fire and rapped his way to the finals of Tribe of Hiphop season 2 under the house of Sesese and Producer, MC Sniper.

The following year, Ki Yong showcased his vocal mastery once again when he appeared in episode 19 of Singing Battle.


Before he rose to fame, young Ki Yong caught our eyes on IU’s MVs, The Red Shoes and Friday, in 2013 where he displayed strong chemistry with the K-Pop singer-actress.

Ki Yong started acting on TV in 2014 when he played as Sam – Lee Sung Kyung’s boyfriend in the series, It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Jang Ki Yong with Lee Sung Kyung in It’s Okay, That’s Love

In 2018, Ki Yong got his first lead acting role as the rookie detective Chae Do Jin in Come and Hug Me – where he was also recognized as the Best New Actor for TV by the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards.

Jang Ki Yong with Jin Ki Joo in Come and Hug Me

I can say that 2019 is Ki Yong’s year because we were able to see his versatility as an actor when he starred as a veterinarian-assassin in the action-thriller series, Kill It, and a young, sweet CEO in the romantic series, Search: WWW.

Jang Ki Yong in Kill It

Jang Ki Yong with Im Soo Jung in Search: WWW

Ki Yong also made his way to the big screen when he was cast as one of the lead roles in the 2019 crime-action film, The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos.

Jang Ki Yong in The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

Are you ready to see more from Jang Ki Yong? Catch him live on November 17 for his first fan meeting, Filmography, in Manila at Samsung Hall, SM Aura. Tickets are currently on-sale via SM Tickets.

Jang Ki Yong Filmography fan meeting in Manila is presented by Wilbros Live.

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