One Summer Night: We can’t stop thinking about Jung Hae In

Photos by Lara Lingad

Ladies and gentlemen, all nicely dressed, lined up outside the New Frontier Theatre, afternoon of the 28th of September 2019 for Jung Hae In’s second fan meeting “One Summer Night.

To be honest, Jung Hae In’s fan meeting is the first fan meeting I attended in my whole life. Surprisingly, it surpassed my expectations—it’s definitely one for the books!

I first knew Jung Hae In in the drama “While You Were Sleeping” (2018). I admired him in that drama for his gorgeous visuals and most importantly, his acting skills that made the drama’s love story more interesting. Since then, I never expected to see him or even to hold his hand in my entire life. So in his “One Summer Night” fan meeting in Manila, he gave out all the reasons for everyone to absolutely adore him for everything that he is! And I’m here to tell it ALL to you.

Pretty All Over

No one can deny that Jung Hae In reeks of beauty. No one can resist his notable features. I thank the cameraman for capturing the whole event in all the angles that he/she can get at Hae In’s angelic face. The moment that the lights in the venue went out, everyone knew that Hae In is about the conquer that stage.

In a fresh ensemble of white long sleeves and trousers, he conquered the stage with his melodic voice! I thought I would be swooned by his visuals only, but this man is more than the pretty face —he has the angelic face and angelic voice! The fans were welcomed with a song that Hae In definitely sang with all of his heart.

Closer as Ever

Jung Hae In expressed how much he missed his Filipino fans in his opening remarks. In behalf of everyone in the event, Sam Oh, the incredible host for that day, welcomed Hae In with a glass of the classic calamansi juice. Everyone was amazed as Jung Hae In straightly drank the calamansi juice until its last drop. One thing to remember in this fan meeting is that Jung Hae In liked our calamansi juice. 

Of course, a fan meeting won’t be complete without fun and games with our dear idol. Numerous questions about Jung Hae In’s personal preferences and attributes were the center of the game, and these questions all came from his fans. You’d be quite astonished and delighted with how detailed the questions asked to Hae In were.

After solely asking Jung Hae In stuff about himself, it was the fans’ turn to be tested on how much they know Jung Hae In. From Hae In’s morning routine to his bath routine, it was all questioned and fans were actively participating in it. 

I have to tell you that the game went on for longer than everyone thought it would last. Instead of waiting for one fan to be the winner, it became three so that the event would move on to the next segment already. That says a lot about how much Jung Hae In’s fans know him! 

Passionate Lover

I did not know that Jung Hae In is a man of passion. Right after the fans expressed how much they know Hae In, he became the doctor who is always ready to give out prescriptions to his fans. I swear to all the gods there are, Jung Hae In never stops until he gives out the best prescription for each and every problem the chosen fans has. 

The most notable prescription he had given was for a fan who broke up with her long-time boyfriend because she was so busy fangirling over Jung Hae In. So what the fan asked Jung Hae In was if it was the right decision to break up with her long-time boyfriend.

The very moment Hae In found out the fan’s problem, we can all see how he is in exquisite awe. He couldn’t believe that instances like what happened to the said fan really happens in real life. He thinks really hard on how he will best answer and give out prescription to the fan who actually flew all the way from Indonesia to the Philippines for his fan meeting only. 

Jung Hae In answered it in a way that I, myself, did not expect him to answer. (Hae In’s a really unpredictable man!) 

At this point, butterflies in my stomach all flew aggressively. I was thinking, this man in front of hundreds of people is a selfless and caring one —and he deserves all the love in the world. 

The Gamer

Hae In do not only give prescriptions passionately, but he can also play a game with all his might! A couple of tasks were given for him to fulfill in 123 seconds. The catch is if he fails, he’d be granting four penalties for the fans. It wasn’t a sad moment when he failed the game because, of course, lucky fans got to experience kilig-worthy penalties!

A moment to cherish

As the event neared its end, Jung Hae In showed his love for all his fans. He sang one last song and bid goodbye to everyone with a gracious bow. He looks one more time at his fans and leaves the stage. I know we already felt sepanx the moment that he left the stage. 

But then… This fan meeting event is definitely heaven-made (just like Jung Hae In himself) when Sam Oh came to the stage again and announced that hi-touch will be given to everyone in the venue –for FREE! I could have done something right in my past life to hold Jung Hae In’s hand in this life, right?

I salute Jung Hae In for being such an adorable and warmhearted man for his fans. Since there were hundreds of us who attended his fan meeting, it must’ve been hard to raise his hand for so long just to give everyone a hi-touch experience. Nonetheless, I was surprised for he uttered “thank you” to me in Korean when it was my turn for the hi-touch. His eyes sparkled as he smiled at me, and that my friends is the beginning of love. I should be the one thanking him, really.

If you’ve reached this part of the article, or if you went to the event, I’m hoping to see you in Jung Hae In’s fan meeting in the future!

We thank WilBros Live for inviting us to cover this amazing event!


Here are photos of Jung Hae In in his fan meeting to brighten up your day!

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