LISTEN: 6 Day6 Songs for Your Hugot Feels

South Korean five-member band Day6 have come a long way since their debut in 2015. From the moment they released their debut song up to today, their songs are worth your time and ears.

It’s highly recommended to hear every song Day6 has, but as Pinoys, the best way to our hearts is a good hugot song. So, here are six hugot songs I personally picked to prove that Day6 is a band worth listening to!

1. Congratulations

We’ll start with their debut song “Congratulations.” When I first heard the title of the song, I thought it would give off a happy vibe. I was wrong. It’s all about someone’s heartbreak. I won’t tell the whole story of the music video, but I will tell you about how I felt upon listening to the lyrics of the song.

“Congratulations” empathizes with someone who trusted his whole heart to someone who chose to break it after everything they’ve been through. Explicitly, in “Congratulations,” it had only been two months since the breakup happened. But then, the other one already found someone new who had given her all the reasons to smile as if no one was hurting because of her. Sadly, the one who is left behind is not yet over their breakup—he cannot eat or sleep at all. But seeing the girl with someone new converts all his sadness into anger. Tragic, aye?

2. All Alone

“All Alone” reminds me of the sadness and serenity of being alone. The song was all about longing for someone to be with you every day, to tell you nice things, to comfort you in every way. It stings a bit that every word in this song is true for someone who hasn’t been in a relationship for so long.

The song also reminds me that there is serenity in being alone. Its melody is calming even if it actually tells a lot about loneliness. There’s also a part of the song translated in English that says “I’m alone under the moonlight, I’m alone, only the cold night air is by my side.” It may sound lonely, but the whole scenery depicted by the lyrics is calm and pure.

3. I Loved You

Day6 is known for their School trilogy, since the songs’ music videos tell different kinds of love stories in a school setting. I must admit, those three songs should have been on the list, but I had to choose “I Loved You” as part of this list.

“I Loved You” is for everyone who wants to forget. If you had just your heart broken by someone, you could listen to this song over and over again. The song directly speaks out how hard it is to hate someone you have loved—even though you want to, you just can’t. Damn, that’s true.

4. Letting Go

After feeling the pain in “I Loved You,” it’s time to let go by listening to “Letting Go.” It’s all about selfless love for another. This song made me realize that love is never about one’s own happiness, but it’s always about making someone happy for the rest of their lives even if you’re not in it anymore. Also, the harmony of this song = eargasm!

5. I’ll Remember

Letting go does not mean that you’ll forget everything you’ve been through with that person. “I’ll Remember” is that song which genuinely never forgets. Time may pass, but memories never fade—they will forever be in your heart, and there is nothing wrong with that.

6. Beautiful Feeling

Last but not least, “Beautiful Feeling.” This song is not a sad one, but I’d like to put it in this list. Whenever I listen to this song, even if I’m not in love with someone at the moment, I feel butterflies in my stomach. It’s like I can feel a lot of wonderful emotions all at once! If you’re choosing a song for that someone special in your life, it’s the perfect song to dedicate to.


I really had a hard time choosing just six hugot songs from Day6. Why? Because all their songs are hugot songs! I’m telling you! So after you listen to these six which I have mentioned, make sure to search for their whole discography and jam into it~

| READ ALSO: DAY6 to return to Manila this November

Once you’ve listened to all of it, you might want to think about listening to them live! Day6 is coming back again to Manila for their ‘Gravity’ World Tour on November 23. The ticket selling for the event is on October 27. The concert is presented by PULP Live World.

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