LOOK: Anne Curtis meets Gong Yoo and EXO’s Sehun at Louis Vuitton event in Seoul

It’s always been a fan girl’s dream to meet their idol.

Anne Curtis is just one of the fan girls out there—only she’s perhaps a hundred times luckier.

Last time, she hosted Park Bogum’s Manila fan meeting, and now she met her ultimate Korean crush: Gong Yoo.

Preview.ph, who followed Anne during the Louis Vuitton Maison launch in Seoul, posted a photo of Anne and the actor. A short video showed the two having a short chat before posing a photo and saying their goodbyes:

After the encounter, Anne declared herself “the happiest girl ever” in her IG stories. And we can’t blame her!

As if her night couldn’t get any better, she also snapped a photo with EXO’s Sehun!

All together now: SANA ALL!

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