Mimiyuuuh professes love for TWICE

Vlogger, Internet sensation, and OG Dalagang Pilipina yeah Mimiyuuuh celebrates a career milestone in her latest video — she has reached one million subscribers! To commemorate the achievement, she reacts to her old videos which made her who she is today. 

During the 5:40 mark, Mimiyuuuh pauses from watching her “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na Challenge Dance Tutorial” video to talk about TWICE. 

“Eh di ba, ‘yun nga po. Fan po talaga ako ng TWICE,” she says in her latest video. “Di ba mayroon silang bagong kanta?” (Well, that’s it. I’m a TWICE fan. They have a new song!) Then she goes on to perform her rendition of TWICE’s latest song “Feel Special” while showing off her dance moves. 

This isn’t the first time Mimiyuuuh has expressed her liking for K-Pop. In the aforementioned “Kahit Ayaw Mo Na Challenge Dance Tutorial” video, she reacts to a comment saying that one of her moves is similar to TWICE’s “What is Love” choreography. She says “Girl, you’ve got me! Favorite ko yung kantang ‘to ng TWICE. What is Love.” (Girl, you’ve got me! “What is Love” is my favorite TWICE song.) There was also a brief part wherein she was dancing to Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” while preparing for the ABS-CBN Ball. 

We don’t know about you, but we’d love to see a collaboration between Mimiyuuuh and TWICE! 


Congratulations to Mimiyuuuh for reaching one million subscribers!

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