#NUESTSegnoinMNL included in NU’EST Segno Highlight Reel

NU’EST released a highlight reel of all of their stops for their Segno tour, and they included the Philippines!

At the 16:48 mark, the Segno Tour in Manila segment opens with Baekho eating dinner after working out. It then cuts to JR, who shared that he got chosen to do a random dance during the “Pretty” dance break. Footage from the concert include snippets of Baekho and Minhyun’s solo stages, JR’s cute dance break, and the group’s performance of their debut song, “FACE”.

Check out the behind-the-scenes segments from the NU’EST Segno in Manila and other stops in the video below.

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NU’EST is set to return on October 21 with their seventh mini-album, “The Table”.