SF9 Rowoon’s drama character trended in the PH! Here’s why.

SF9 Rowoon—in particular, his character Haru from the 2019 K-Drama Extraordinary You—became a trending topic in the Philippines a couple of nights ago! Here are the juicy details why he hit the trending spot!


As a fan of Korean dramas, I highly recommend watching Extraordinary You for its wit, its freshness, its everything! It has a really interesting plot, plus I think young adults can easily relate to the message of the drama even if it’s only halfway to its final episode.

The ongoing high school drama is adapted from a webtoon called “July Found by Chance,” which is about teenagers going against the tide of their lives. Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) finds out that their lives are only drawn by a writer for their comics. With the will to truly live, Dan Oh strongly desires to change the flow of the story. As she journeys into the comics, self-aware, she discovers other characters who become self-aware as well. One day, she goes looking for the mysterious guy who she thinks would help her change the destiny in the story she is in.

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When she finally found the mysterious guy, she discovers that he is nameless. It means that he is not a crucial character in the comics. So, Eun Dan Oh names the guy Haru. And that’s where we get into the details why Haru was also trending!

Leading man Haru is played by Rowoon of male idol group SF9. In the earlier parts of the drama, Haru is the tall, handsome, gentle, and caring guy with really nice eyes. He’s irresistible! (Okay, I admit, I’m into Haru.) In the latest episode released last night, his character made a complete 360-degree turn—which thrilled and shocked viewers!

Alright, that’s all I’m gonna say because I think I spoiled enough. One more thing—although he is nameless in the comics, he is a significant character in the drama. You have to watch to find out why!

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I hope the drama goes on really well. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Eun Dan Oh and Haru’s story! It’s really exciting! Add to the fact that there is more than one story inside the drama. Aside from Dan Oh and Haru’s story, there is more! It means more actors and actresses to love! So you really have to watch it now! Join the hype now!

Lastly, if you find Haru played by Rowoon really interesting, you might wanna come to SF9 Live Fantasy #2 UNIXERSE In Manila! The concert has really great perks, especially if you wanna come and see Haru up close! And of course, you may also want to check out SF9 as a group! 

Tickets are now on sale at TicketNet’s site and branches. SF9 Live Fantasy #2 UNIXERSE In Manila is presented by Three Angles Production.

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