WATCH: SB19 drops three exciting announcements!

SB19 has experienced a huge spike in popularity, with a viral practice video, all-kill on MYX charts, and special guest appearances in a variety of local music shows.

With the overwhelming love they have received, SB19 dropped three exciting announcements for Aurumns—they will be holding a 10-city free concert, they will be releasing new merchandise, and they will be endorsers for a skincare company!

Here’s a summary of their announcements:

10-City Free Concert

Yes, you heard it right—SB19 will be touring 10 cities all over the Philippines, and they’re all free! So far, only the Manila stop has a confirmed date and venue—it will be on December 28 at the Cuneta Astrodome. Additional details have yet to be announced.

SB19 will also be touring Bacolod, Baguio, Bicol, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Pampanga, and Zamboanga.

New Merchandise

SB19 will be releasing a new set of merchandise, which includes hoodies, T-shirts, and notebooks. They’ll also be releasing the much-awaited mini-album for “Go Up,” which includes a new set of photo cards.

The group will also release two versions of their light sticks—one is a simple, affordable version, while the other is a more expensive but intricately designed version.

Endorsement for a Korean Skin Care Company

SB19 just landed their first group endorsement, and it’s for Korean skincare company MULBIT ME!

The boys’ faces will be on the packaging of the brand’s aloe soothing face mask. In fact, SB19 flew to South Korea yesterday for the photoshoot.


To view the full announcement, watch the video here:

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