The 5 Times Lee Jinhyuk Captivated Us All

From his time as UP10TION’s Wei until his solo debut after Produce X 101, Lee Jinhyuk has certainly charmed fans from all over the world, including Filipinos.

Now that he’s coming to Manila for his fan meeting, Honey10s and PDX101 fans are excited to meet the idol and spend a couple of hours getting to know him.

For new V-Dans who are just getting to know this fascinating idol, here are some charms of Lee Jinhyuk that has made many people fall for him:

#1: Jinhyuk the Charmer

Jinhyuk’s entire being screams Boyfriend Material. As UP10TION’s resident Pillar (or Long Legs), he stands at 185 cm and is one of the tallest K-Pop idols around. He also has a blindingly bright smile that could make anyone swoon. *dreamy sigh*

#2: Jinhyuk the Talented Idol

Known in UP10TION as a high vocal rapper, Jinhyuk exudes charisma whenever he performs. Check out how he spits out his verses:

He’s also a talented dancer, and he proved that much when he chose a rap-and-dance performance for the Position Evaluation. Of course, let’s not forget that he’s part of Team Move aka the best original song on Produce X 101:

Don’t forget about how he oozes talent in his solo debut:

It’s not exactly a talent, but the way he put out a row of candles with the single swing of a bat? It deserves applause, to be honest.

#3: Jinhyuk the Nerd

We love it when our idols are passionate about things other than performing, and Jinhyuk is no exception. It’s known among fans that he’s an avid gamer.

He’s also a Marvel fan …

… and look how he’s serious as he goes into theory for Frozen. We stan!

#4: Jinhyuk the Dork

Dancing to NCT U’s Boss while wearing an Olaf hoodie? Making puns? Well, that just makes him more endearing! Meme faces? Weiopatra? Yup.

#5: Jinhyuk the Leader

Although he isn’t the leader of UP10TION, Jinhyuk showcased his leadership skills as a contestant of Produce X 101. He guides fellow trainees into honing their skills and trying something beyond their comfort zone. Jinhyuk also helps his teammates focus while still being caring and nurturing.

Despite his hard work and increasing popularity, Jinhyuk failed to make it to the final line-up. Still, he has earned the respect of fellow trainees and the admiration of fans all over the world.


Lee Jinhyuk S.O.L Fan Meeting in Manila is happening on December 14 at the New Frontier Theater. Tickets are available at TicketNet’s website and their outlets nationwide.

The fan meeting is presented by CDM Entertainment.

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