Did GOT7’s JB give a ‘special’ spoiler in Keep Spinning in Manila?

Filipino Ahgases who went to GOT7 2019 Keep Spinning in Manila last October 26 would remember that during the encore, JB was wearing a black cap with the word 대장, which translates to “leader”.

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Turns out, it was a spoiler for one of the episodes of GOT7’s upcoming reality show, Hard Carry 2.5!

The group revealed in a Korean interview (with English translation from defdaily) that there will be an episode wherein they have to fight and catch one another, raising fans’ anticipation for another fun broadcast. Jinyoung mentioned a particular episode wherein they have to catch the most annoying member. They will also be doing an Avengers concept.

We wonder what kind of crazy GOT7 has in store for Hard Carry 2.5?

Hard Carry 2.5 will be premiering on November 13 at 7pm (KST) on M2. Meanwhile, check out the trailers for their upcoming hit reality show!

GOT7 recently made their highly-anticipated Korean comeback with 니가부르는나의이름 (You Calling My Name). Watch their sexy music video here: