Filipino K-Pop Aspirants Evaluated by RBW Top Brass

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The second episode of Hello K-Idol (HKI) ExclusiVlogs aired last Saturday, November 16, where the HKI Top Four received their first Artist and Repertoire (A&R) evaluation.

Guion Antonio showed off his dancing skills, but the RBW team quickly pointed out his shortcomings. “All of your dance and singing went smoothly,” they said. “But you don’t have the points and rhythm, so we could not feel the rhythm and the music.”

“The comments cut deep,” the boy from Baguio later admitted. “After winning Hello K-Idol, we thought we were good. But when we got here, there was so much more to learn. The gap is so huge.” Guion did not let this deter his spirits. “There are no shortcuts to success. You can’t skip the basics in order to achieve your dreams.”

Anticipation for Kheene to get a pass for singing was high. “I sang Beautiful. I thought I’ve mastered it,” he said, “like this is my best.” However, he was given feedback he heard for the first time. “It’s only now that I realize that I go offbeat. I feel like in ballads, I should prolong my notes,” he explained. “But apparently, I’ve disregarded the beat. So that’s what stuck to me—how to do [proper] timing.”

“I already expected that I would be the worst,” Yukito expressed. “Everything I heard felt like [I was] being slapped but it feels good because you know that this is what you need to finally break the limit.” He remembered how it was in Korean audition shows. “This is like the show we watch, especially Produce 101, Idol Producer. Even when we watch and think they’re really good. But the comments are super negative. So I felt that way earlier.”

“My movements were too small,” JP recalled, “so that’s where I should improve on.” He later revealed, “I felt a bit disheartened earlier, but since we’re here to improve, we will do best. And we will practice more,” he promised, “so that the goal to be up here, we will be able to achieve it.” Despite the discouraging feedback, Rainbowbridge World’s management also had encouraging words to the Hello K-Idol Final Four.

“Of course you guys are handsome,” one of the RBW managers said, “very good looking. And you guys are dancing and singing much better than normal people. But we’re not here to just show off. And you guys want to be globally top artists, right? In order for you to do that, you have to know that you are lacking.”

“The comments to us were very negative but,” JP began with his thoughts on what happened earlier that day. “That’s how we will learn,” Guion continued and Kheene ended it with, “And that’s where we’ll know our weakness.”

With a positive attitude in undergoing the strict training ahead, these boys will surely be successful in meeting the high standards of K-Pop. After the assessment, the four already began their training. They gave their commitment to improving themselves and reach their lofty dreams.


Episodes of Hello K-Idol ExclusiVlogs are available every Saturday at 9 p.m. PHT. Catch the full episode here.

More of their training proper within Rainbowbridge World will be seen through the RBW-produced exclusive content Hello K-Idol: The Winners’ Journey – Seoul, available soon on Viu.

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