From Liking to Ultimate Stanning: The Different Levels of Fan Affection

You know the drill—you watch a video, you like a group, you have your bias. But to some of us, it doesn’t necessarily just end with that. It goes beyond the usual K-Pop stanning, and at times you go through lengths like flying to another country where your bias is for just one night and going back the next day *coughs*.

And so we’re breaking down each level that are relatable to fans and how they feel about their beloved bias/es.

LEVEL 1: It All Starts With Curiosity

“What’s that you’re listening to?” “Who is that guy with the rainbow-colored hair?”

You know that we all started with asking questions, and sometimes that could be the best (or worst) thing ever. You find yourself liking a photo of that group member you just asked about, and at that point, it’s kind of too late to back out.

You, then, find yourself liking the group, but you know there will always be that one person who will grab your attention. Your curiosity gets the best of you, and that simple question could change your life; the funny thing is, you entered it way too innocently at first.

So. Look at you now.

LEVEL 2: That “Pivotal” Moment

There will always be that moment that will make you feel certain (sometimes indescribable) feelings for your bias. To some, it could be as simple as something your bias said in an interview that melted your heart, or something sweet that she did on a broadcast, or a very beautiful photo that made you appreciate him on another level. To some, it goes deeper, especially if you had the privilege of meeting your bias and he turns out to be even better than what you expected.

That eye contact you got during their concert in your country (yes, claim it, it’s yours!), or that “hello” she specifically uttered to you when you met her by chance, or the way he looked at you when you entered the fansign, meeting him in the eye, and you know you’re a goner. It’s not so much as being delusional, it’s knowing that that particular moment is yours, and you get to keep it somewhere deep in your heart, reliving it in days that you want to feel happy.

LEVEL 3: Finally Understanding What “Tunnel Vision” Means

You used to save photos from all members of the groups, but soon you realized, as you scroll down your phone gallery, that it’s become a stash of your bias. That is when you finally understand why when you see your bias group, everything turns into a blur—except him. You even forget that other members are beside him because all that’s clear in your vision is your bias. You don’t even need MNet’s eye-contact fancam because your eyes automatically go to him. Tunnel vision is useful in mentally recording everything about your bias, but painfully annoying when you also want to remember the other members. But what can you do really, when your eyes zoom in to your one and only?

Note to everyone though! Focusing on your bias does not necessarily make you an 악개 (akgae; meaning anti of the group and only a fan of one member). It only means that your bias means so much to you more than the others that you only want to pay more attention to him.

To some, it ends up here. But to a small amount of people, it goes slightly higher…to Level 4.

LEVEL 4: What Did I Do…?

“Whoops, I booked a flight to Korea because they’re having a comeback!”

Ahhh, sounds familiar. Although not all of us have had the time (or money, let’s be real) to do spontaneous trips to see our biases, there have been moments where you just become too weak.  You refrain from buying merch and expensive coffee drinks, and find yourself booking the cheapest flight to Korea just to attend music shows, try luck in fansigns, or attend a concert. Definitely not advisable (all trips should be planned beforehand of course!) but being spontaneous is definitely one for the books. Most of the time, you realize everything’s worth it just to personally see a smile from your bias.

LEVEL 5: Rinse and Repeat

It has suddenly come to a point where you think you want to see your bias a lot more often. You don’t think you’re crazy, but you know that she makes you so happy, that you want to do everything all over again. So you book another flight for that concert in, let’s say Hong Kong, or you ask a favor from a friend to try for a fansign for you, and you know you’ll fly the moment you get in, and repeat everything all over again. You’re definitely in it too deep. Although this happens in some cases, let’s just hope that it doesn’t affect your life.


And there you go. The five stages of affection for your bias. Having a bias has its pros and cons, but if you make them your inspiration to wake up everyday feeling happy, that their words give you the strength to fight through a bad day, or if the thought of your bias’ smile makes you just simply contented, it makes liking a person that much simple. After all, what’s the harm in being happy?

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