GOT7 releases footage of Dispatch photoshoot in Manila

GOT7 and media outlet Dispatch HD surprised fans with their release of photos and behind-the-scenes footage during their stay for their Keep Spinning in Manila concert!

JB and Youngjae talked about their latest comeback, You Calling My Name, which is a change in image for the group. JB also talked about his self-composed song, Thursday, which is included in the album.

The video then cut to Mark, who is having a Manila mukbang, eating crispy pata and sinigang. Upon tasting the sinigang, he described it as “sour” and kind of has a “lemon” taste. As for the crispy pata, he shared that it is similar to jokbal (Pig’s Feet).

Meanwhile, Jinyoung, Jackson, and BamBam marveled at the beauty of the famous Manila Bay. Jinyoung was very happy to be back in the Philippines after a long time, so the photo shoot seemed to be a ‘thank you’ for everything. Jackson also shared that he gained weight as soon as they arrived in the Philippines (probably of all the delicious Filipino food he ate!).

Check out the handsome photos of the boys here.

GOT7 made memories with their Filipino ahgases last October 26, 2019 as part of their 2019 GOT7 Keep Spinning World Tour at Mall of Asia Arena.  Read more of our concert recap in this link!