It’s A Beautiful Night with Jang Ki Yong

Photos by Leona Arcellana

That was the day to cheer on top of our lungs. On November 17 – while UAAP supporters were screaming their battle cries for this year’s collegiate cheer dance competition, Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier was filled with enthusiasm from Jang Ki Yong’s fans for the much-awaited Filmography fan meeting in Manila.

As I entered the dome, my eyes were delighted with a mix of purple and blue lights. Suddenly, I felt the romance and nostalgia awaiting that night. Maybe because Filmography is Ki Yong’s gift to his fans, a beautiful night where he can share his growth and milestones as an artist.

When it was showtime, the hall lights dimmed and a spotlight began illuminating Ki Yong on stage – who’s by the way, wearing an All-Kill Black outfit! Sleek and sexy, huh?

His voice resounded throughout the theater while singing Goblin’s OST, Beautiful.

Ki Yong greeted his fans right after his performance. That night, we felt how happy he was to meet his Filipino fans for the first time.

Walking Down Memory Lane

The first segment of the fan meeting is called the Filmography of Life, which was like walking down memory lane. Ki Yong’s life, from the year he was born up to the present time, was shown on photos.

In our culture, it is common to knit close ties with our family. Ki Yong’s relationship with his family is no different. It was evident that most of his photos shown were taken with his family. 

It’s easy to say that Ki Yong was born to become a scene-stealer. Young Ki Yong innately knew how to strike a pose when left in front of the camera lens and when he became a rookie model, confidence grew fondly within him.

When the host, Sam Oh, asked him what comes to his mind when he sees his debut photos as a model, he responded in Korean, “Jalhaettda!” (I did well!). In fact, Ki Yong misses doing runway shows now that he’s busy with his acting career.

Reel Time

Ki Yong fan meeting would not be complete without the highlight reels! This time, his TV and film projects were projected on screen in the segment called Filmography of Drama.

According to Ki Yong, he’s always excited whenever he reads scripts for new projects because he wants to try different roles.

When Sam Oh asked him about his most memorable projects by far, he chose his first film, Bad Guys: The Movie, and his hit TV series, Search: WWW.

Playlist Talk

To inspire his fans, Ki Yong shared the songs that uplift him the most. As expected, he left the audience in awe when he performed the rap part of one of the tracks in his playlist, the R&B song 2411 by Crush.

Beautiful Night, Beautiful Memories

For the fans, the most exciting part of every fan meeting is the interaction. During Filmography in Manila, Filipino (and international) fans had the chance to earn a spot in the activities.

In the first activity, three fans – including a fanboy (Yes, you read that right! A lucky fanboy!) were drawn based on their seat numbers and had scene re-enactments with Ki Yong on stage. These were the most romantic scenes from his TV series, Search: WWW.

All fans were asked to stand and participate in the next activity, the telepathy game. In the elimination round, Ki Yong chose a number from 1 to 5 and fans had to guess the number on his mind. In the final round, the remaining participants were determined based on rock, paper, scissors. One winner was able to bring home a box of Ki Yong’s polaroid photos taken during his day-out in Hangang River and captured a Polaroid photo with Ki Yong on stage.

I can say that the most intense activity was the fun relay games. Three teams were randomly chosen again based on their seat numbers. The challenges are one-on-one jumping rope with Ki Yong, sit-ups while he’s holding the legs of each participant, and balloon popping while hugging him. In the end, each member of the winning team received a Polaroid photo with Ki Yong, while the rest of the participants got signed posters personally given by Ki Yong.

Until The Day We Meet Again

Towards the end of the show, Filipino fans surprised Ki Yong with a special video. He felt overwhelmed after watching it and promised to become a better actor to show how thankful he is.

When it’s about time for the most anticipated part of the show, the hi-touch and photo opportunity with Ki Yong, fans burst with excitement! Ki Yong’s response was something we didn’t expect! He said in Filipino, “Kalma, kalma, kalma!” (Calm down, calm down, calm down!)

Before Ki Yong’s closing performance of Come and Hug Me OST, Paradise Tree, he thanked his fans for the love and support and left them a heartfelt message, “…In my heart, I’ll always be with you. Until the day we meet again.”

We’d like to thank WilBros Live for inviting us to cover the event!

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