Mimiyuuuh spills “tea” about judging K-Pop fans for their music taste

Popular vlogger Mimiyuuuh (Mimi) just spilled some piping hot tea about people who judged K-Pop fans back then but have become K-Pop fans themselves today.

In her latest vlog, Mimi got a make-up tutorial from her friend called Macy who coincindentally is also a K-Pop fan. However, she revealed that Macy used to judge Mimi for being a K-Pop fan. According to her, Macy had once asked her, “Bakit gusto niyo yung K-Pop e hindi niyo naman naiintindihan?” (“Why do you like K-Pop you don’t even understand it?”). It’s a question typically asked by non-fans to fans, often times in a judging manner.

Mimi then said, “Pero ngayon tignan niyo […] yung kaniyang mga shelves, punong-puno na ng K-Pop [stuff]. Anong nangyare?” (“But now look at her […] her shelves, it’s full of K-Pop [stuff]. What happened?”). Macy then answered, “Minsan talaga nagbabago tayo.” (“Sometimes we just change.”).

But it did not stop there, Mimi carried on and said that she knows people who had judged her for liking K-Pop (she mentions dancing to f(x)’s debut song “La Cha Ta”) but were now sharing K-Pop online. Mimi reminded everyone that people should not bully people for their music tastes and preferences.

Watch the vlog below (the K-Pop talk begins at the 10:01 mark):

Well, don’t you love Mimi now more after this? Karamay rin natin siya.

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